5 Interesting & Real Traveller Tips on Amsterdam

5 Interesting & Real Traveller Tips on Amsterdam

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Amsterdam has a reputation that is a little unfounded and there are many things to do in the Netherlands. It is a city of contradictions and change. Holland and Amsterdam can be a great start or finish to your European tour, and is a little more relaxed and safer than many of the countries surrounding. Make sure you have travel insurance before setting off. Here is a real travellers tips and hints on Amsterdam to get you thinking.

Easy Access. Schiphol International Airport, which is the new home of KLM airlines, is a major air transport hub for the world and Europe. The airport is very modern and passing through it is amazingly fast and a pleasant experience. Immigration officials are very friendly and professional. Visas are not required for many passport holders heading for the Netherlands, or the rest of Europe, make it a great place to visit without prior and annoying arrangements.

Reputation unfounded. Although Amsterdam has a slightly sleazy and party reputation, this is quite unfounded. Sure the locals and travellers like to enjoy themselves, and there is a legal red-light district, you will find Amsterdam is very pleasant, clean and despite it being a party destination, there is a local air of good clean fun and happy times where ever you go. The city has a huge range of daytime activities such as touring the canals, viewing wonderful gardens, beautiful buildings, and must-see places such as the Van Gogh Museum. A truly highly cultured city.

Accommodation. A huge range of high end and very affordable and very modern back-packer accommodation is available. Amsterdam is very accustomed to travellers and very clean and modern rooms with all amenities are everywhere — a great way to make new friends and have a good time. These are the best way to get travel ideas, cheap tours and cheap travel insurance while in the city.

Smoking. You may feel a sense of contradiction particularly when it comes to smoking. Tobacco smoking is banned in public places, such as bars and restaurants and the like, as in many countries, while at the same time marijuana smoking is legal in pot-selling stores. To have a cigarette indoors you will have to frequent one of these coffee and tea and marijuana stores, while not consuming marijuana in one of these stores is considered impolite. Good luck if you are a tobacco smoker and don’t take marijuana normally.

Hilarious language. For those of you have never heard someone speak Dutch you will quickly find out how wonderful it sounds. Everyone will switch to English once they know you don’t understand, however you will often hear a strange mix of vocabulary and grammar which unintentionally seems to mean the opposite of what was said — with quite flippant connotations. An excellent way to cheer yourself up is to ask a police officer in the street a very serious question and listen to the reply. Get ready for lots of fun and laughter.

Amsterdam, I think the best and only place to visit in Europe just because of the great nature of the people who are very relaxed, open and friendly when compared to other European nations.

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    If traveling internationally to Amsterdam, I’d recommend a policy that has emergency/physician provisions like the Atlas policy. Most good travel policies are not about trip cancellation, but about travel health insurance that domestic ins. will not cover

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