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10 Best Western European Beach Destinations

Europe has a lot of lovely places to visit where one can find a break from the tedious everyday routine. Warm breezes may call or just the sound of the water may necessitate a beach vacation. Most all beaches have some hotels and restaurants that are within walking distance although taxis and buses are available when needed. Flights can be taken to mainlands in cases where air travel is limited. Ferries or small aircraft may transport one to places where flight is limited. Certain countries do have car rentals for visitors. It is always best to make arrangements for these rentals prior to the trip.

The Azore Islands, off the coast of Portugal, have some of the prettiest beaches. The summer months maintain a comfortable temperature and there is little rainfall during that period. Volcanic sand make up some of the islands’ beaches so the contrast to the brilliant blue water is beautiful.

Spain has over 5000 miles of coastline surrounding it so finding the perfect retreat. The farther south one travels, the more tropical the climate becomes. Since this is a playground mecca for Europeans as well as world travelers, many areas are metropolitan, but that may suit one perfectly for vacation.

Normandy, France, has some sandy beaches. Steeped in history, this area can make a lasting impression on young and old individuals contemplating its relativity in World War 2. There are chalky cliffs to rock formations with small tourist resorts for guests. To the southwest is Aquitaine. The coast has many wooded areas, edged with beaches that stretch on for miles, and have the highest dunes in Europe.

Some of western Greece’s islands in the Ionian sea are more populated than others, but each has its own local flavor. Rich in Italian as well as Greek history, there are many architectural treasures here. Due to rain and humidity, these islands are lush and green all year long. Beaches are clean, and water is crisply enticing. There are singles oriented beaches as well as family locations. Corfu is especially family friendly with little crime, shallow waters, and not a lot of congestion. Although the islands are Greek now, in the past they belonged to Italy so here more than on the Greek mainland, a combination of both languages is spoken.

On the English coast are some great areas for beach vacations. Blackpool and Brighton both offer lots of intense family fun with amusement park activities as well as pebbly coastlines to wander along. Aldeburgh and Whitby offer a calmer atmosphere with more historical venues. Cornwall’s intense ocean currents make surfing the prime sport along the beach there.

Ireland’s beaches offer great surfing potential, but there are areas where souls may sit very peacefully with little distraction from other people. Winding cliffs make the terrain a little tricky to travel, but are well worth the effort for remote beach vacations. Murvagh Beach is especially welcoming to children. Conservation areas have dunes and abundant plant life. The temperature makes it very comfortable, being one of the warmest areas of coastal Ireland.

Marstrand, on the coast of Sweden, has been popular for many years for the wealthy as well as those with more moderate incomes. Seafaring people gather here to enjoy vibrant times in the sun with lots of activities. There is also The fortress can be quite entertaining for the history buff. Clubs, restaurants, and shopping is also prevalent here.

Holland’s beaches of Zandvoort, once closed during the World War 2 era, were reopened, and tourism has skyrocketed there. The Dutch Grand Prix is one of the biggest attractions. Cycling and sailing are also popular pass times for guests.

Latvia is proud to have so many beaches that qualify for Blue Flag status. Many countries worldwide give this label where eco systems are maintained to keep natural habitat the best it can be while progressive growth happens. Nature trails, swimming, and spa health resorts with healing waters are popular here.

Estonia’s west coast is a feathery flurry during migration periods. Birdwatching on the beach is very popular. The third oldest lighthouse is here with many other historic buildings in the lush heavily pined area. Beach vacations are very restful here.

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  • RonLeyba
    Posted December 10, 2010 at 4:48 am

    Europe do have so many beach destinations. I hope you included some pictures of your top 10 picks so we can see some of it.

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