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10 Useful items to take with you on a short boat cruise

Taking a short boat cruise is an exciting way to spend the day out on the sea, with lots to see and do on board most people wish the cruise could last forever! This happiness can quickly be interrupted upon realizing you have forgotten to take something of importance. Here is a short list of 10 useful items to take with you on a half day boat cruise.

– Digital camera

A great way to document your cruise is with a good digital camera, so don’t forget to pop it into your bag before you leave.

– Sunhat and sunblock

Commonly forgotten items, sun hats and sunblock are imperative if you wish to spend most of the duration of the cruise on the deck without risking sunburn.

– Sea sickness tablets

If you are unsure how your body will handle a boat cruise, pack some sea sickness tablets or take them before-hand. Having a cruise ruined by sea sickness isn’t a pleasant experience!

– Comfortable flat shoes

Ladies, although high heels look great, if you are planning a day cruise take flat shoes. Light flat soles will be the most comfortable and stable option for your trip.

– Warm Jacket

If the sun is shining when you board, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be warm for the duration of the cruise, especially if the boat is air-conditioned. Remember to take a jacket just in case.

– Dress lightly

During the spring and summer months dress lightly, a day trip means you won’t have a room to store your belongings should you remove them and carrying clothing can be a drag. Dress lightly but take a warm jacket that fits in your bag.

  • Backpack

A small backpack to carry your belongings is a great idea, your hands will be free to take photos and the risk of losing items is dramatically reduced.

  • Medication

If you are on any important medication, it’s best to take this in you back pack as a preventive measure. For any reason you fall ill or the trip runs longer you will still have access to your medication.

  • Money

If the cruise you are boarding has any dining facilities you may need to take a small amount of cash with you to purchase extra food and beverages, your cruise operator should let you know of this on booking.

  • Chap-stick or lip balm

Due to the salty sea winds and sun you may experience dry lips during or after you cruise. A small amount of chap-stick will prevent this problem, ensuring you are comfortable for the duration of your trip.

Remember less is more when packing a day-bag for a short cruise, there will be lots to see on board so avoid taking books, magazines, laptops and cell phones. Light refreshments are usually available on the boat, but do check with your cruise operator upon booking. Most of all, have fun and enjoy you cruise!

Author Bio

Jessica is a travel blogger based in New Zealand who enjoys exploring the country. She writes on behalf of Black Cat Cruises which are one of the many things to do in Christchurch, and one of the most popular things to do in Akaroa. Image by Susan Tansil