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3 Things You Need To Do Before Your Next Trip Overseas

Admit it, we all get a little too excited whenever we plan our trips, especially if you are heading to one of the places on your bucket list. And more often than not, travelers focus too much on the general aspects of planning and forget about the little details. Of course you need to plan intensively on important things like where you will stay or what places are you going to visit. But you should also plan for what some may consider trivial, including the use of luggage locks.

Keep your luggage safe
Keep your luggage safe

In any case, here’s a list of things you should have before your next holiday:

  1. Keep your luggage safe.

When you are traveling, you carry everything that is essential to your travel inside your luggage. But baggage theft can happen anytime and anywhere and using generic locks is sometimes not enough to ensure your belongings are safe.

Keeping your luggage safe is crucial and it means securing it in every possible way. There are new luggage locks systems in the market today that don’t just keep your belongings safe, but will also warn you when your luggage has been tampered.

A good example of this is Tamperlock by Tamperguard. Tamperlock is a tamper-evident locking system that cannot be unlocked without apparent proof of tampering. By using this kind of lock, you can be sure that nothing can be placed or removed from your luggage.

Always remember that you can never be too sure about the safety of your luggage and it is better to invest on good locking systems than be sorry later on.

  1. Be ready with your personal and travel documents.

Traveling internationally can be quite exciting but it can also be stressful when unpredictable incidents happen. The last thing you want to experience is to be held up by customs or immigration officers because you lack some documents or maybe one of it is expired.

Before you head to the airport, you have to make sure every document you might need is with you. Make sure your have photocopies of your documents like your passport (with your photo and your visa), plane ticket, hotel reservations, travel insurance, personal identification cards, medicine prescriptions, and the like. Always keep these documents safe and protected.

You can get one of those small waterproof pouches where you can put your important documents and safely stash it inside your carry on.

  1. Make a list of emergency phone numbers.

Take time to write down (or even save in your phonebook) the important numbers you might need in case of emergency. These include your country’s embassy numbers, emergency numbers in the city you are heading to like a nearby hospital or police station, your travel agency’s hotline, airline numbers, etc.

When it comes to your safety while traveling, it’s ok to go a little bit overboard with your preparations. After all, there is no better way to enjoy your vacation than knowing you’re a safe, secure and ready for any surprises.