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4 U.S. Long Weekend Destinations That Fit Any Budget

February is here, and while Punxsutawney Phil condemned us to six more weeks of winter by spotting his shadow on Groundhog Day, spring really isn’t that far off.

With the arrival of spring comes the urge for adventure. While a full-fledged trip to an exotic destination may not be in the cards (read: finances), an extended weekend away may just be what the doctor ordered for post-winter cabin fever. Here are four cities in the United States that make great long-weekend getaways for any budget.

San Francisco

If you have a taste for the artsy and unique culture it provides, and are looking for somewhere a bit warmer, San Francisco is a great option. A great way to experience the city, without breaking the bank, would be to rent a couple bikes and take in the colorful streets and scenic Golden Gate Bridge. To help save money on accommodations, San Fran is a prime city to utilize Airbnb. These accommodations tend to be less than hotels, and provide a unique local flare to your trip.

New York City

While a weekend in New York City is a classic recommendation, it’s classic for a reason. The destination is accessible from almost anywhere on the continent, with a plethora of bus and train options for nearer departures, and endless flights for longer trips.

There is no shortage of things to see and do in the city and you can often find online deals for many attractions if you book ahead of time. If taking in a show on Broadway is on your must-do list, take advantage of the Broadway rush and lottery programs. Some shows offer tickets to those who line up at the box-office early in the day for heavily discounted prices, while others offer a daily lottery to get cheap tickets to highly coveted shows.


If you fancy big libraries, iconic baseball stadiums, or hearing the awesome accents prevalent in The Departed, then shipping off to Boston may be an adventure for you. The city of Boston is rich in history, and showcases the first subway system, the first free public library, first public school, and the first public park in the U.S. Most of the city can be explored without spending much in terms of admission, and much like NYC, you can get there by a variety of transport vehicles.


Home of the Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls and Bears (oh my!), the Windy City is a sports fan’s dream getaway. In addition to iconic sports teams, Chicago also features a thriving

entertainment and arts culture, and is home to many of the shows that are also shown on Broadway, often at a less expensive price point. Chicago also showcases stunning architecture that can be viewed a myriad of ways. Just be sure to pack comfy shoes because the best way to take in the city is to walk it, which is a plus on the money saving front!

Don’t forget travel insurance!

Even though you’re just going for a long weekend, you still need to get travel insurance. The unfortunate reality is that anything can happen at any time, regardless of how long you’re away. Getting travel insurance can cover you in the event that something goes awry while you’re away from home, saving you from paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. By comparing traveling insurance quotes online, you can save both time and money, so you make sure your economical long weekend jaunt doesn’t turn into a financial nightmare.