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4 Unique Beauty Treatments in London

Are you in London and looking for the best Spa Treatment? You have come to the right place. Following, we are going to present some unique beauty care routines introduce by the top spas in London. If you are interested in any of them, then you better check out these Voyage Prive Offers.

1.  The Russian Spa

The Fragrant and herbal infusions are blended into a hot Banya Oven Stones, this makes the room a bit steamier as usual.  It may reach up to 70 degrees; this high temperature will make you sweat and detoxify your body.

You will sweat like never in your life. You will lie down and get gently stroked and fanned with a hot Venik. It will help improve your blood circulation to relieve stress and tension.

The Whole session will end with a Dip in the cold pool. Once again it will improve your blood circulation but will close your pores and tone rejuvenated skin. This may sound like torture, but it’s the Russian Spa Treatment.

2.  London Cosmetic Clinic

The spa that should pay a percentage of its revenue to Kardashians, London Cosmetic Clinic broke the internet when Kim posted a snap online of her Vampire Face Treatment. This unique treatment draws blood from your own body and injects it straight in your face. Yes, the process is a bit complicated than that!

How does it work? The PRP relies on your body’s own healing powers which fight or even reverse the aging process. When the platelet plasma gets injected in your face, it stimulates surrounding cells and increases their volume. It signals them to rush forward to the spot of aging thus fighting off wrinkles and fine lines. It is very effective near the eyes, mouth, nose, back offhand. This can even help you to treat scars.

3.  London Dolphin Square

If you like the “Bling Bling,” then this therapy is best for you.  Behold the 23-Carat Gold Body Ceremony (therapy) which is also dubbed as the flesh of gods.

Believe it or not, Gold has been used in traditional skincare for years. It is full of antioxidants and helps in the fight against, it all starts with a Hammam cleansing session which happens in a tranquil steam chamber where you will be doused in water and exfoliate with black soap.

Next is a body massage with oils and gold minerals followed by a 55-minute gold facial.

4.  Lions Quays, Shropshire

This is more of hydrotherapy; the lion quays spa has pools and sauna with aromatherapy steam rooms. This snow cave has its inspiration from the Finnish tradition of hot and steaming sauna before diving into cold water.

Set the thermostat at -10 degrees. the atmosphere is perfected by crevasses of rock and snow. It improves your blood circulation and respiratory system. If you seek adventure instead of treatment, this snow cave is a must for you.

The prices are not exceptionally high, but you pay a reasonable chunk for the setting. Still, it’s far more affordable as compared to Gold Facials.