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5 Of the Best Travel Headphones

When it comes to finding the perfect headphones for taking on holiday with you, or for traveling in general, there is always a compromise to be made. You want something compact and lightweight yet that still has style and offers high-quality sound.

With this in mind, here are five of the best travel headphones available to buy today.AKG – Noise Cancelling Headphones 
AKG are an international brand who is dedicated to offering powerful, undistorted sound. With more than sixty years’ experience servicing the needs of professionals in the music industry, they offer a range of headphones for us mere mortals too. The latest addition to the range are the AKG K495 NC.

The NC in the model number refers to noise cancelling technology. This works by microphones on the outside of the headphones picking up ambient noise and then producing opposing sound waves inside the headphones to neutralize it. These headphones are ideal for travelling as they help to block out the noise of other travellers whether you’re travelling by air, rail or road. Plus the AKG K495 NC’s allow you to turn the noise cancelling aspect of the headphones off when required too.

Noise cancelling headphones are ideal for blocking out background noise

Sennheiser – Wireless Headphones 
Sennheiser are also experts in the field of music technology and their latest pair of headphones are packed full of features. The MM550-X are both compact and lightweight so are travel-friendly whlst the design is still pretty sleek and stylish too. These wireless headphones work using BlueTooth technology so you don’t have to be physically wired to your music device. This is ideal for ensuring your comfort whilst travelling.

Thanks to the over-the-ear design of these Sennheiser headphones, they will stay in place, regardless of your position. This is great for travelling as you can choose to sit up-right, lie down or be slumped against an aeroplane window and still experience high quality sound.

Bose – Compact Headphones 
Bose is one of the leaders when it comes to headphone technology and if one of your main concerns is size and weight then the Bose OE2i headphones are a great travelling solution. These headphones feature an on-ear design and fold up – plus they come with a carrying case, making them ideal for keeping in your bag or pocket when not in use. They offer a good quality sound and come with a nifty remote control for convenience.

dB Logic – In-Ear Headphones 
If you prefer in-ear headphones, then the dB Logic EP-100 Pro Fit earphones are highly rated. These headphones fit securely in your ear, making them great for all travelling positions. They are small and lightweight to carry yet still offer good quality sound. With sound limiting technology, they can also help to block out background noise from other travellers yet don’t require batteries to do this like other noise cancelling headphones do.

Audio Technica – Closed Headphones 
For those looking for something more affordable than noise cancelling headphones, closed headphones might be a good solution. The Audio Technica ATH-M50 offer a good ear-cup seal which helps to block out background noise without the expensive noise-cancelling technology. They also help to stop noise from ‘leaking out’ of the headphones which is a considerate feature when travelling. When it comes to style, these Audio Technica headphones offer a ‘punchy’ look too – ideal for this season.

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These are just five of the current best travelling headphones although a wide range of others are also available to allow you to find a pair to suit your needs and more importantly, your budget too.

Written by UK headphones