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5 Of The World’s Cheapest Hotels

The easiest way to travel cheap is to pay less for your hotel rooms. The average cost of a room is around 30-50 pounds, but believe it or not you can pay much, much less. In fact, you can stay in each of these hotels for less than ten pounds per night! Now that’s a bargain.

El Cortez , Las Vegas – Starting at 7 pounds per night, this hotel is a real steal. The hotel offers low rates in the hopes of convincing customers to participate in their gambling tables where you could potentially pay a lot more than the average cost of a room. But you can stay here at an award winning hotel for next to nothing, even if you don’t intend to gamble. The hotel offers large sized rooms, cleanliness and won the 2009 Best Downtown Hotel in Las Vegas award!

Demel Hotel, Poland – This hotel offers rooms for just under 10 pounds per night. You can expect to pay 9 pounds for many of their rooms. Double rooms cost around 20 pounds but are quite large. Hotel facilities include swimming pool and gym, but are not always open. But for the price, who cares. You get a large, clean room for a very low price.

Vaboir Lodge Royal Suite, Bangkok, Thailand – With rooms starting at just under 6 pounds per night, the Vaboir is a great way to save money in a city that can be quite expensive. Double rooms cost 12 pounds per night. Unfortunately, the hotel is not located inside of the main tourist center, but it is a close walk. You can access pretty much anything you came to see, especially if you have a bike or car. The hotel is not extremely luxurious but it is extremely cheap.

Hostal de la Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Argentina is a great place to go if you want to experience culture, art and music. The Hostal starts at just 5 pounds for a night in a dorm and a double room for 14 pounds. The hotel is located in a very traditional and colorful area so you will get plenty of sightseeing done just looking out your hotel windows.

Hotel Sayang Maha Mertha, India – Here rooms start at the amazing price of 4 pounds per night! The hotel is conveniently situated a walk away from the beach. Rooms are small but the staff is friendly and helpful and for the price, you can’t beat it with anything else. Food to be found elsewhere

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Author: Matthew Graham is a well-travelled content producer who has stayed in hotel all over the world. His client is a leading hotel comparison site offering great rates on leading Paris Hotels and luxury Berlin Hotels.