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5 Places to Stay on a Honeymoon

Choosing a honeymoon destination is one of the most significant travel decisions a couple will make in their married lives. This once in a lifetime opportunity marks the beginning of a new chapter in life and it’s worth taking the time to research various destinations before coming to a decision. There are many things you need to think about when planning a honeymoon, including the type of destination, the weather and ultimately your honeymoon budget. Here are 5 fabulous places around the world to get-away and enjoy while celebrating your nuptials.

Molokai, Hawaii

With Hawaii being the most popular honeymoon destination in the world, it’s no wonder thousands flock to the islands every year. For those couples in search of a more secluded escape, consider visiting the smallest island of Hawaii – Molokai. This is the best place in Hawaii to completely slip-away form the crowds and relax on the isolated beaches where there is nothing do but swim, fish, kayak and enjoy each-others company. Great for couples who typically live a fast paced life and would like their honeymoon to be one of pure escapism.

Santorini, Greece

For more of an exotic honeymoon consider Santorini which is the most heavily visited place in the Greek Isles. Popular for its black sand beaches and archaeological marvels, Santorini is a great place for those wanting to spend the majority of their trip sight-seeing and taking advantage of touristy attractions. Santorini is packed full of luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants which can be a little pricey if you are on a strict budget. Autumn is a quieter season for tourists, but with the weather remaining warm there is no reason you can’t stay during fall, saving money while still enjoying everything Santorini has to offer.

Franz Josef, New Zealand

If amazing scenery and world renowned glaciers sound more like the perfect honeymoon, consider visiting Franz Josef, located in the South Island of New Zealand. Discover the beauty and grandeur of the glacial surroundings while enjoying the peaceful country atmosphere. There is plenty to do, or not do depending on your energy levels. With an abundance of ice hikes you can explore the most stunning glaciers the world has to offer with the aid of experienced guides. If peaceful relaxation is on the cards, take the time to relax in luxury accommodation while enjoying the exceptional food, spas and picturesque views.

South of France

With an abundance of extraordinary restaurants offering the finest food and wine, scattered throughout vivacious towns, it is no wonder France is the romance capital of the world. The region is blessed with the finest Mediterranean climate so for those planning a honeymoon between May and October, visiting the South of France is an especially great time to take advantage and the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean sea. France is not the place to visit if you want to relax; with many tourist attractions including adventurous yachting experiences, cute cafes and extensive art history, you must get out and see everything France has to offer.


For a fantastic mixture of privacy, leisure activities, resort style relaxation and city night life consider Bali for your romantic get-away. Packed full of 5 star resorts and restaurants Bali can be the ultimate luxury escape. By day, visit the national landmarks and historical towns, or relax on the sandy beaches while you soak up the warm rays of the sun. By night, tackle the night-life with some of the biggest party spots in the world!

Be sure to plan your honeymoon carefully!  If you book ahead, you can find great deals on accommodation in the West Coast of New Zealand.  Franz Josef Village has great options if you’re looking for a romantic and affordable West Coast motel. Image by ruifernandes