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5 Places You Can Spend Your Next Summer Holidays in Europe

Planning a good vacation takes time and when you want to travel to another country, you definitely need some early reservations. It depends on where you plan to go though, not to mention about the time of the year. Keep in mind that if you choose to travel during the hot season, the prices are usually higher, while various events, festivals or carnivals may add to the price. Therefore, when it comes to traveling abroad, a lot of people plan their vacations with up to half a year in advance. The early reservations are essential if you want to make sure that you can still find a place to fit both your needs and preferences. Other than that, acting early will give you special offers and promotions.

Traveling to Europe is a great idea, especially since the old continent presents an amalgam of countries, cultures and lifestyles. There are different cultures from one nation to another. With all these, some places are more popular than others. Other than that, it depends on what you actually want. Some people hope to relax in a long and calm vacation, far from their daily worries and activities. Many others are only traveling for fun. They want to find the most active places and spend their nights out, only to come back home more exhausted than what they got there. All in all, it makes no difference what you expect from your upcoming vacation. Europe has a little of everything.


Santorini is a sunny small island in the Aegean Sea and is located 120 marine miles from Crete. Its charming appearance and atmosphere are given by the specific architecture. The island is dominated by white and blue nuances, which fit perfectly to the sea color. Other than that, you get to spend your time on old and narrowed streets, small hills and old buildings. It other words, Santorini is like those old places you see in movies. The most attractive stars on the island are the hard working donkeys the natives rely on and the roughly shaped rocks getting washed by the sea.

Dreaming of the sea

The local churches harmoniously combine the rounded and cubic shapes, while the buildings and terraces present themselves like being part of the rocks, clearly connecting the stone and the sky. Santorini also hosts a local airport. However, since the island is pretty small – only 73 square kilometers, it is more appropriate for a small vacation. You do not need more than a week to see everything around.


Located in Malta, Sliema has a proper meaning for the natives, since it refers to pace in Maltese. The good news is that it actually stands up to the expectations, since a vacation in Silema can definitely calm you down and bring some pace in your soul. It is a perfect place for a relaxing vacation, especially if you also love the shopping opportunities. Silema is one of the most significant commercial centers in Malta. With all these, the most attractive part is the landscape. While walking around this place, Adriano Celentano’s song “Azzurro” actually makes sense, since the waters are incredibly blue. All in all, Silema combines all the ingredients for a dream vacation, with small gulfs, caves, rocks, medieval cities, modern places and an active nightlife. Other than that, you can also take small trips with a boat to the famous volcano Etna.


Zakinthos is the Ionic Sea pearl. Once in there, you can see all types of people – old individuals, youngsters and families. All of them are constantly looking after amazing landscapes. The most important touristic point of this station is the Navagio beach, which you can only reach by the sea. In the immediate closeness, you can admire an old shipwreck. In this place, the water is just like in your favorite postcards or desktop wallpapers – extremely clear and clean. You can swim to a 2 meter depth and still see the bottom. Although Zakinthos has been through a series of powerful earthquakes, it has never lost its popularity.


Brela, Croatia is one of the leading European destinations due to the heavenly places it hosts. First of all, you can admire some of the most beautiful stations on the Adriatic coast. With no more than 2,000 inhabitants, this is a perfect destination because it can combine mountainous landscapes with the sea. In 1968, it was declared to be the Adriatic champion for the touristic attractions. You can see some of the tallest pines in the area, while the prices are extremely cheap, mostly because there are not too many commercial centers around.

Danube Delta

Whenever you look after a wild place to draw your attention away from the city traffic and activities, the Danube Delta from Romania represents the perfect destination. The nature is wild, yet mild. The boat trips and the thousands of unique species, the fresh and traditional fish recipes and the wild environment will quickly balance your mood. According to a series of studies, the fauna and flora in this place are unique in the world.

Ryan is a travel lover. His dream is to visit all the significant places in the world. He works for Club la costa as an advisor and writer.