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5 Popular Vacation Destinations You Should Visit Off Season

The summer is in full swing, and this means that vacationers are also out in full swing at the many popular vacation destinations around the country. While the summer is a great time to vacation, many places get too overcrowded. This certainly makes your visit much less enjoyable. With this in mind, it might be a good idea to consider visiting some of these locations off season. This will give you a different perspective on the location and it will also let you enjoy it more peacefully. The following destinations are perfect for you to visit off season.

  • New York City

    With a population of over 11 million, New York City can get extremely crowded during the summer months when tourists flock here. Along with hoards of people, you also have the uncomfortable heat to deal with. This is not pleasant by any means. If you want to visit New York when it is most beautiful, consider going in the fall or winter months. During the fall, the trees of Central Park are turning a beautiful amber color, and while the winter may be cold, the holiday cheer lights up the city.

  • Disneyland

During peak months, you could spend hours waiting in line to get on your favorite ride at Disneyland. I mean, you could jump to the front of the line if you had a Fast Pass, but this will cost you an extra chunk of change. If you go during the beginning of December, the crowds are very minimal and you almost have the entire park to yourself. Also, holiday decorations are up which adds to the magical feeling of the place. Another added bonus is that luxury hotels are not nearly as pricey as they are during the summer.

  • The Beach

This may seem counter-intuitive, but the beach is a great place to visit during the fall and winter months. It is almost as if the cooler weather gives the sea breeze a different aroma. As far as I’m concerned, relaxing on the beach on a cool day is one of the best things to do on vacation. You have the beach to yourself, and this makes the serenity unrivaled.

  • Camping

Camping at state parks is a great experience, and it is even better when there are few visitors. This way, you can really enjoy nature and be immersed in the sounds of the environment. Just make sure to keep warm, as nights can be bitterly cold.

  • South Florida

Interestingly, areas of South Florida are not extremely crowded during the summer months. Therefore, it is a great place to visit if you can find the quiet and small beach towns. Grab a map and circle all of the small towns that are away from the population centers. Chances are that you will find secluded beaches here.