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7 Essential Items for a Backpacking Vacation

If you’re about to go on a backpacking vacation you need to make sure you have some essentials with you before you even head out the door. We’ve put together a list of seven you should never leave home without.

#1: a comfortable backpack

Everything is going to go in this and you’ll be carrying it everywhere, so believe me when I say it had better be comfortable. Even if the straps only slightly rub your shoulders to start with you’ll be cursing them by the end of the first week.

#2: a couple of t-shirts

T-shirts are good to wear at all times. But don’t carry too many. You can always throw one and buy a fresh one when needed. They’re good for sleeping in as well instead of carrying something else to wear for nighttime.

#3: a map

Get a map of your destination or the areas you are traveling through. There should be no excuse for not having one. Learn how to read it too and make sure it is up to date.

#4: a good flashlight

If you’re traveling through quiet areas don’t rely on batteries – get a solar charged one, at least as a backup to your main one.

#5: a multi-tool or pocket knife

Multi-tools pretty much rule the roost nowadays and they have more to offer than the standard pocket knife. Most come with screwdrivers and bottle openers and assorted other useful tools as well.

#6: first aid kit

You never know when you might need one, and it’s not the sort of thing you should ever leave behind. Remember too that when you use something out of the kit, you should replenish it as quickly as possible.

#7: sunblock

Don’t run the risk of getting sunburn or worse, sunstroke, if you are going somewhere hot and sunny. Sunblock doesn’t take up much room and it can save you a lot of pain and worry.


There are other things you could add to this list but these should get you started quite comfortably. Of course the list might vary depending on where in the world you are going, so bear this in mind. T-shirts won’t be ideal if you’re backpacking in Iceland. Once you know where you’re headed you can start with the list above and then edit and adjust it to get the best outcome.

This post was written by Alex from PortOFMiamiCruiseParking, offering Parking in Miami Port for less. Image by mjtmail (tiggy)