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7 Items Bikers Must Have on the Road

Going on a bike touring trip can be a great thing to do. For sure, it will be an experience of a lifetime. However, in order to make it a desirable memory afterwards, it is best to bear a couple of things in mind. Many people have undergone this amazing trip and have learned numerous things on the road. The product of their experience has delivered the conclusions listed below.

First of all, in order to go on a long-distance bicycle tour in the first place, you need a proper touring bike. Simply, your whole trip will depend on the bicycle you will be riding. Therefore, it is the basis of the whole thing and if the bike is not suitable for the adventure, the adventure will be quite a different one, with happy endings nowhere to be seen. A comfortable, but sturdy bike is the best option for these situations. It will need to carry quite some load. So, make sure you combine this capability with pleasurable riding.

Once you have your ideal touring bike, the pedals are the next thing to look at. Basically, if you are not a picky rider or a professional, any pedals will suit you. Yet, if you desire maximal performance, installing clip-in pedals or cleats will definitely take you one step beyond. But, you need to know how to use them and make sure you do not fall with them on, since this can result in injuries. Also, these are not the cheapest accessories when it comes to bicycles. Thus, if you buy them, put them to good use.

Contrary to the expectations of many bikers reading this article, the next item on the must-have list is not a fancy piece of equipment or some kind of gadget which does the work for you. Rather, a crucial factor on any touring trip is money. Namely, if you desire to eat out every time you stop for a rest, the money you carry with you will vanish in no time. On the other hand, controlling your finances smartly, spending an equal, reasonable, limited amount of money on a daily basis will get you home safe, warm, full and happy.

Another crucial thing to bring on your cycling trip is knowledge of how your bike functions. Basically, you never know when you will have to repair your bike once it breaks down for various reasons. So, before you go out on this trip, spend as much time as you can learning about bike repairing. Thousands of available online videos cover this topic, so make sure you do your homework right.


Finally, do not forget clean clothes, some cooking supplies and a solar charger – the trio which can make your bike trip a breeze. Wool is the best clothing material for these purposes since it keeps you warm when it is cold and well ventilated during hot weather. Also, bear in mind that you do not have to wear a lot of clothes if you will be passing through urban areas since most of these have laundry washing facilities you can use. As for the solar charger and cooking supplies, their uses are quite straightforward – they can present the difference between life and death in certain situations, especially when there is no civilization around.

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