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7 Ways Thailand Excels In Its Tourist Services

Compared to Western civilization, the Far East is a completely different world, and millions flock there to experience its historic and modern culture. Thailand is a great hit for holidaymakers and backpacking students, a destination known for its fantastic guided tours. These tours venture into the spectacular country, jungles thriving with life, and the untouched beaches. All of this comes with the welcome of friendly contagious smiles, as the Thai people are extremely hospitable. Here are just a few top Thailand Tourist Services you can also check out that website for some great guides.

Getting Around Thailand 

First and foremost, I’ll start with transportation. Although renowned for its ancient culture, Thailand is modern and runs a modern transport network. Thailand boasts a widespread range of airports, so even the farthest points of the country are made easily accessible to the visitor. Its road and railway systems are brilliant, complemented by very cheap bus services and coaches that connect the entire country. However, where these public transport solutions don’t manage to reach, entrepreneurs’ imaginations kick in, and as a result, there are some unique methods of transportation on offer, from the Motorcycle Taxi to the Long-tail Speed Boat, from the Bicycle Rickshaw to the Ferry Boat.

Thailand’s Tour Guides

Thailand’s Tour Guides
Thailand’s Tour / Beach Photos / CC BY

Thailand is known for its friendly people, and the tour guides are of no exception. Always genuinely pleased to assist you in enjoying every moment of your stay, the guides will do everything they can, from obtaining any needed information, arrange an itinerary to suit your needs, and provide you with the greatest experiences Thailand has to offer. When looking for things to do in Thailand before you leave, you’ll notice the common theme of reviews stating “Very friendly tour guides!” From walking tours to private shopping, Thailand will supply you with a professional and experienced tour guide, always helpful and always smiling.

Private Tour Guides

Thailand Private Tour Guides
Thailand Private Tour Guidestelmo32 / / CC BY-ND

If you are visiting Thailand and would like to make the most of the tour guide’s assistance, a private guide is the best way to go as they’ll devout all of their time and knowledge just to you. They’ll oversee and help to get you around on your sightseeing tours, and you will be treated as a guest and not just as a tourist. They’ll assist you in a variety of ways, including airport pick up, hotel reservations, guided walking tours, shopping, transportation, and offer advice that will save you money where you can. Suggestions will also be given for visiting places that you may not be familiar with.

Bridge on the River Kwai and Tiger Temple Tour

Although this place is famed for the war and the inspired film “Bridge Over The River Kwai”, this tour prides itself on not having any forced tourist traps. The excursion starts with you will be picked up from your hotel, and taken on to Kanchanaburi’s the Bridge on the River Kwai, where you’ll experience the beautiful sights, the infamous bridge, the war museums and a cemetery. Lunch comes in the form of dining on a unique floating restaurant on the river itself. Included in the tour is a ride on the Death Railway train, where you’ll be taken to the Tiger Temple – here you can actually stroke tigers, a truly one-off experience.

Thailand’s Floating Markets

Thailand’s pretty and colourful floating markets are packed with tropical fruits and vegetables and local cuisine cooked from the floating kitchens located on the boats. Although the atmosphere is busy and hectic, a guided boat tour is available, where you’ll be able to buy sage in knowledge you have a trained guide with you.

Thailand’s Floating Markets
Thailand’s Floating MarketsRenen Jose Navalta / / CC BY-NC

River Dining

Staying on the river theme, one of the best ways of experiencing Thailand’s superb tourist services is to take a river cruise and dinner. Drift along the Chao Phraya River aboard a luxurious cruiser, where professional guides and waiters will look you after your every need. Take in the selections of international and Thai cuisine whilst enjoying the wonderful moments accompanied with gentle music, all setup to make the experience as tranquil as possible.

Chiang Mai

If you’re a culture vulture and seek something a little different, this destination, rich in traditional heritage and boasting a unique culture, is the place for you. Chiang Mai is one of the few places in Thailand where you are able to discover the heart of the city’s ancient temples whilst having the convenience of modern stores and boutique hotels nearby. Tourists and backpackers are always surprised to discover something new in Chiang Mai, with its fascinating variety among ethnic tribes and the stunning scenery. Professional guides will help you make the most of this thriving place, and two weeks here will not be long enough for the intrepid traveller.

Chiang Mai
Chiang / / CC BY

As you can see, Thailand offers so much for its visitors, and their excellent services only make the experience second to none. Go and see for yourself and take in the friendly atmosphere they are so well known for.