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8 Awesome Beaches to Visit in Russia

Russia might not be the first place that comes to mind when picturing paradise beaches, but you’d be surprised what this captivating country has to offer. If you’re planning to obtain a Russian tourist visa and embark on the adventure of a lifetime, checking out at least a handful of Russia’s beaches is a must.

One taste of the way these guys do beach life and you’ll know the whole Russian visa application process was worthwhile!

Still not convinced? Seriously – check out any of the following and you might never look the same way at Russia again:

  1. Khalaktyrsky Beach, Kamchatka Krai

With its stunning black stones and beautiful blue seas, Khalaktyrsky Beach is one incredible feast for the senses. The ocean sometimes gets a little too choppy for swimming and snorkelling, but nonetheless provides the perfect backdrop for a spot of rest and relaxation.

  1. Beach Yagrinskiy, Severodvinsk

Hugely popular with discerning locals, Beach Yagrinskiy is a relaxed and laid-back beach where you’re free to let it all hang out. Boasting a subtropical climate and a secluded location, it’s a great place to head to escape the crowds and chaos of 21st century life.

  1. Riviera Beach, Sochi

Occupying a prime plot on the eastern side of the Black Sea, Riviera Beach really is the stuff idyllic seaside holidays are made of. Things do have a habit of getting a little on the crowded side during peak season, but that’s a small price to pay when considering the incredible entertainment and amenities on offer.  It’s also the perfect place for kids.

  1. Olympic Beach, Sochi

Even more famous and iconic, Olympic Beach in Sochi stretches for a full five kilometres and is lined with wonderful restaurants, cafes and hotels. An excellent place for a day trip, and even better place to head for an extended stay when time permits.

  1. Beach Laskovy, Solnechnoe

Wild, rugged and unspoiled in the extreme, Beach Laskovy is flanked by a beautiful pine forests and is often completely deserted. That is, until one of those oh-so rare hot summer afternoons arrives, when the locals head out in droves to make the most of it. A truly spectacular beach and the epitome of an isolated escape.

  1. Repino Beach, Repino

Perfectly positioned on the shores of the Baltic Seam, Repino Beach is a quiet and relaxing beach that’s also one of Russia’s most famous. Perfect for a spot of sunbathing and swimming during the warmer months of the year, with calm waters that remain somewhat bracing in all weathers.

  1. Tarkhovka Beach, The Gulf of Finland

Tarkhovka Beach isn’t exactly bursting with amenities or conveniences, but there’s perhaps no better place to head if you want to escape the crowds elsewhere. The views out across the Finnish Gulf are simply spectacular – even better if you take the time to rent a boat and head out into the open water.

  1. Podrezovo Beach, Moscow

Last but not least, a trip to Moscow wouldn’t be complete without soaking up the sun on a lazy afternoon at Podrezovo Beach. The seafood served up at the local restaurants is also as good as it gets, while accommodation in the area is significantly cheaper than anything you’ll find in the centre of the city. The perfect place to head when temperatures hit their midsummer highs.