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A beginner’s guide to Prague

The following is a guest post on behalf of Wildgoose.  Wildgoose organise a variety of corporate treasure hunt activities throughout Europe and further afield, including their popular London treasure hunt.

Although the Czech Republic may not be on most people’s radar when it comes to sightseeing, this Eastern European city has plenty to offer new visitors. Prague is the capital, and as with any capital city you’ll be happy to know there is plenty suit all different ages and interests.

As with most European city’s Prague has many historical sites and many historical attractions to behold – many of which are beautiful and striking and you won’t want to miss. There are also many other things you can do here – which I’ll discuss below. So keep reading for some wonderful tips for first time visitors to this magical city.

1.       Old Town

In the heart of Prague you’ll find the Old Town of Prague. This part of the city seeps historical culture and really oozes everything the city has to offer. You’ll find some majestic old buildings here and some really beautiful gothic architecture too – perfect for polishing your photography skills. You’ll find some beautiful houses here, along with churches that date way back to the 13th Century, so get ready to bask in some incredible historical sights. Don’t forget to explore the Old Town Square too whilst you’re there – for a spor of people watching!

2.       Lobkowicz Palace

You can’t visit an Eastern European country without visiting a palace or a castle. This part of the world is famous for its grand buildings and structures – so you’ll want to fully appreciate all they have to offer. This particular palace houses some truly beautiful collections from the Lobkowics family – and a quick tour around will fill you with lots of knowledge. The collections are truly remarkable and you’re unlikely to ever seen anything as grand ever again.

3.       Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is the perfect day out in Prague for any visitors that are arriving with family. All children adore the zoo – so treat them to a fun day out exploring the resort and seeing in real life all the wonderful wild animals they have here. The zoo has even be newly renovated and decorated – so your visit is sure to be an enjoyable one. The best bit? If the children’s feet get tired during your day out you can catch the colourful “Zoo Train” around instead of walking!

4.       Charles Bridge

This hugely popular pedestrian bridge is incredibly popular with tourists and locals alike. Filled with artists, painters and performers you can’t simply stroll across this bridge in five minutes! You’ll want to take in all the amazing things on this little bridge and perhaps watch a few performances yourself as you walk across.

5.       State Opera

State Opera is something incredibly traditional in Prague and if you’re lucky enough to score tickets you’re in for such a treat. If you can’t get hold of tickets though – you can still visit the Opera house and admire how beautiful and incredible the building is. Sometime just admiring the stage is enough to truly appreciate this incredible tradition.

St Vitus Cathedral, Prague