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A Guide On Party Boat Rentals

Nothing beats feeling the sea breeze through your hair, cruising past the city’s skyline, and having champagne on the deck. It’s a stunning image. Since you are here, I guess that’s what you are looking forward to. Now you are faced with the task of renting a party boat, and at times it’s not easy. This article guides what to look for as you scout for a boat, negotiate, make reservations, and sign contracts.

A party boat is ideal for parties, live events, and social functions. They can be compared to floating dance clubs and are designed to accommodate many people. The amenities inside include:

  • A stage for a DJ or live performer
  • A dance floor
  • A sound system that is connected to the entire boat.
  • A bar- mostly well stocked with beers, spirits, and wine.
  • Multiple floors –ample standing and sitting room


While pricing may differ in different ports, the base rental cost summarizes the boat charter, captain, and crewman if necessary. Various factors will affect how much it will cost to charter a boat. These factors include:

  • Your guest capacity
  • The size of the boat
  • Décor, amenities, and style
  • Port of departure
  • Season, time duration, and day

Remember, various cities differ in cost. However, if you are open to sharing a boat rather than renting the entire boat, you will cut your expenses. As you go through the various boat rental companies like Sydney boat hire, you will notice they do not list their packages online. They prefer you contact them to negotiate and offer a price according to demand.

Determine the type of boat to rent by outlining your preferences and party details. Such as your budget, the kind of vessel you want (yacht or party boat), and the number of guests. For example:

  • If it’s a large company party, then a medium-sized boat will be ideal
  • A birthday party will require a small boat, preferably a dance floor and a DJ.
  • The ambiance and luxury of a small yacht will be an excellent fit for a small bachelorette party.

Now that you have what you want for your boat party, scout for rental boat agencies near you. Go through the companies’ websites, boat galleries, and customer reviews. Though the pictures and descriptions are helpful, nothing comes close to seeing with your own eyes. Go to the port and survey the boats physically. Do not commit to renting a boat before taking a walk through it. Some cruise companies post old pictures of their boats online. These boats may not look as new after years of service. Buyer beware.

When talking to the attendees at Sydney boat hire, let them know what you are looking for. As earlier mentioned, the size of boats differs with amenities and price. Don’t be tempted if you don’t need extra decks, levels, and amenities. It may end up being a waste of space and costly too.

Flexibility when scheduling

Most people prefer to party over the weekend. As convenient as it is, it is more costly than other days of the week. For example, renting on a Saturday may cost you three more times than Wednesday.

Select a day and time slot as you make reservations at Sydney boat hire. Party boats have an early brunch cruise, afternoon sunset, and evening cruise. Each of these trips is mainly 4 hours. On the other hand, private yachts have additional bookings for an entire day or weekend.

Booking Days

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are highly booked for various events. This results in Limited availability, higher prices, and rigid package costs. Think of party boats as a commodity. When a commodity is high in demand, the seller will not be willing to negotiate their price downwards. Same with booking agents. They would prefer working with people willing to pay higher for their packages or have more guests, which leads to bigger-sized boats.

With this in mind, go for less unpopular days and compare prices. You will find a sunset cruise on Wednesday evening is half the price of the same on a Friday booking.

Catering Services and Drinks at the Bar

It is highly recommended you hire your own catering company rather than relying on in-house services. This option will have your food preferences catered for, If you prefer using the in-house caterers, make sure to attend a tasting event before committing.

As for drinks, you have the option of an open bar or cash. Since an open bar is charged per person per hour, make arrangements to have it open for a few hours, then converted to cash only. Use the option of paying for a certain number of drinks in advance, then distributing tickets of the paid drinks.

With all the above information at your fingertips, you will definitely get the party boat of your choice.