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A Look at the Booming Cruise sector: How to find your ideal Trip

If you are proactive, you are probably already beginning to plan your summer holiday for 2016. There is certainly a large market to choose from, with options ranging from caravan holidays along the British coastline to sunshine breaks in Mediterranean resorts such as Greece and Cyprus.

Cruising the world’s oceans has also emerged as an extremely popular mode of travel in recent times, with resorts such as the Caribbean and Europe particularly well-visited. According to statistics, an estimated 23 million people enjoy such cruises on an annual basis, with roughly of these American in their origin.

What to look for when booking your Cruise?

Incredibly, the cruise sector continued to enjoy growth even in the wake of the great recession, with the number of global passengers increasing steadily from 17.8 million in 2009 to the level of 23 million as recently as 2013. This certainly underlines the popularity of cruising, which is only likely to grow in the years’ to come.

booking your Cruise
booking your Cruise

The cruise sector is also a diverse marketplace, however, which includes multiple routes and destinations across the globe. Planning the ideal trip can therefore be challenging, so here are some tips that can help you along the way: –

Consider the type of Cruise that you want to Enjoy

This is the first and arguably most important consideration, especially given the aforementioned diversity that exists within the market. While there are classic Mediterranean cruises that stretch from the South of Europe to Western destinations such as Spain and Portugal, other options have emerged during the last decade. Many operators now offer travelers the chance to cruise along the banks of the Nile and through Egypt, for example, whole Caribbean adventures are also being diversified for the modern age.

Enjoy a cruise
Enjoy a cruise

It is also possible to book winter cruises through Scandinavian nations’ such as Norway, which offers a completely different type of trip through idyllic fjords and against the backdrop of stunning mountain scenery.

Review your Budget and Travel Requirements

Due to the nature of cruising, trips are often all-inclusive with a fixed number of stops at specific locations. This is ideal for some, especially those who wish to relax in a luxurious setting while also enjoying the benefits of international cuisine and on-board entertainment.

If you prefer more care-free or adventurous travel, however, certain cruises may not be suitable. After all, some explorers like to travel the world as back-packers, experiencing local cultures and operating without an itinerary. This is some travelers’ idea of an unmitigated nightmare and the polar opposite of the typical cruise, however, so be sure to review your individual tastes and those of your travel companions before booking a trip.

Cruise Travel
Cruise Travel

Budget is also a consideration, so compare the market for the best all-inclusive deals that you can find for a specific destination.

Partner with a viable service provider and Operator

Once you have determined the type of cruise and package that you are looking for, the next step is to book this through a reputable operator that offers value for your hard-earned money. While it may be tempting to book through an established or online brand, however, the market has evolved in the last decade and it is therefore important that you compare a wider range of deals before making a commitment.

The rise of value-conscious, independent travel agents has been pronounced in the age of technology, for example, thanks primarily to resources such as These outlets enable passionate individuals to set themselves up in business and compete with larger travel corporations, and these unique businesses may be the source of some incredible deals.

So be thorough when comparing the market and do not overlook seemingly small and independent travel brands!

Is there anything we have missed? If so, why not leave your comments below and share your thoughts!