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A Sunny Summer in Israel

Summer in Israel is hot – damn hot; and depending on where you are in the country, really humid. And guess what, there is very little respite in the evenings. So, if you are a lover of the sun and hot weather, you have found your perfect destination. If not, keep your distance between the months of June and September. Oh, guess I forgot to mention that summers in Israel are not only hot and humid but they are also long.

It seems as though there are plenty of people out there who do love the heat as Israel’s busiest tourist season is in the summer months which coincide with the European and North American summer vacations. It is during this period that demand for Israel luxury apartments is at its peak.

Since most luxury apartments in Israel are in close proximity to the beach, certain properties, such as Herzliya Pituach real estate, are rented months in advance. And with some of Israel’s best beaches and its sophisticated ambience it is no wonder that Herzliya Pituach is so highly sought after as a holiday destination.

For those who don’t mind the heat but do not like the humidity, the Dead Sea and Eilat are the choice spots. The Dead Sea is generally a few degrees higher in temperature yet lower in humidity than the remainder of the country. However, consider yourself warned, as it is impossible to actually swim in the Dead Sea, you are restricted to the pool to actually cool down.

Eilat, the Red Sea resort on Israel’s southernmost tip is Israel’s hottest city with the temperature consistently hovering around 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), however it is a much drier heat than in the rest of the country. At least as well as the hotel pool there is always the cool, invigorating waters of the Red Sea to keep you refreshed. Humidity in Eilat is only around 40% as against 70% in the center and other parts. Consequently, even though the barometer may be consistently around 90 °F (32°C), it feels like it’s closer to 100 °F (37°C).

Surfing in Tel Aviv

And in case you didn’t get the hint from earlier in the article, the heat is relentless – day after day, week after week. The nights do not offer much respite as the temperature drops only a few degrees. However, it is down by the beach where Israel is at its best – especially in summer, with the people watching, beach cafes, and party spirit providing a never ending source of amusement.