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Airport Parking In Winter: Driving Tips

A number of reputable US-based weather forecasters have issued a severe winter 2018-2019 warning, forecasting extreme temperatures and record-breaking snowfalls. Widespread snow and ice on roads are the major factors for frequent road accidents leading to soaring accident rates and missed flights. Though wintery conditions on the road occur every year, a great number of drivers are ill prepared for driving in the cold and snow, thinking more about the trip ahead than about getting to the airport safe and sound. If you are also planning to use airport parking during winter holidays 2012, check the savvy driving tips mentioned below.

Before you hit the icy road

Book a car park. To make sure it’s worth driving in wintery conditions, pre-book the right car park. Booking Orlando Airport Parking in advance is essential to get the best rates and the widest choice of parking facilities. Check the car park’s location as the closer to the airport complex, the more convenient it is in winter.

Consider airport hotels. To avoid extreme morning driving on icy roads, it’s wise to book an airport hotel for spending the night before the flight there. It’s probably the best idea to get to the airport in advance, without unnecessary rush and heavy traffic.

Check your car. Now that proper airport parking and accommodation is booked, it’s time to make sure your car is prepared for driving. Check the antifreeze level and top-up if necessary. If the battery is more than five years old, it’s likely to struggle in the cold, so replace it. At least a quarter of a tank of fuel is essential in case of delays. Opt for winter tyres for improved safety and check pressures regularly. Keep the windscreen clean inside and out using special screen wash to reduce the possibility of freezing in the cold. Remember to check your exhaust, locks and door seals to prevent doors from freezing shut.

Check year-round essentials and add a winter kit. An in-car charger, personal medication, first aid kit, road map, warning triangle, spare bulbs and sunglasses are must-have items whatever the weather. Add a winter emergency kit for extra safety including a torch with batteries, ice scraper, blanket/sleeping bag, extra screen wash, reflective jackets, bottled water, snacks, etc.

Check traffic and weather. Being informed about traffic and weather allows you to plan the best route. Go for major roads as they are more likely to be cleared and gritted. Consider your airport parking location and allow extra time before the flight if it’s snowing, put on warm winter clothing and footwear and take a flask of hot tea or coffee.

Driving in wintery conditions

Be extra careful. Even if it seems like you are not going to make it on time, put safety before punctuality. Keep proper space from the vehicle ahead, manoeuvre with extra care, increase speed gradually and even drive more slowly than you think you have to if it’s foggy.

Clearly, buying accommodation packages with airport parking is the major point in the winter driving checklist as it allows you to take your time when driving to the airport. Being informed, prepared and careful can help you avoid unnecessary challenges on the road in winter.