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Alcohol due to Affect Travel Insurance Claims

British people are known to enjoy a drink while on holiday, but if you have an accident this could cost you a lot more than you think. Travel insurance providers are increasingly refusing to pay claims that involve alcohol and policy terms and conditions vary widely across insurers.

Insurance underwriters are now asking for much more detailed medical reports from claimants and may refuse to honour the claim if alcohol is mentioned anywhere in the report. Additionally, some insurers will now refuse claims if a hospital blood test shows you had consumed more than eight units of alcohol at the time of your accident.

Alcohol exclusion clauses may be worded in any number of subjectively interpreted ways. Some insurers state that they don’t cover policyholders for excessive alcohol intake and some won’t cover you if your judgment has been affected by alcohol. These clauses are vague and can leave policyholders unsure of exactly when cover would be refused.

Each year, thousands of young holidaymakers travel abroad for stag and hen parties and group holidays. The very nature of these trips and being a part of such groups can lead to people relaxing more and doing things they wouldn’t normally do as they embrace the atmosphere.

These group holidays tend to involve lots of drinking and nightlife, which most people thoroughly enjoy and then arrive home safe and well. However, research by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association revealed that young adults in their twenties and early thirties account for the largest percentage of travel insurance claims.

The Importance of the Small Print

If you are hospitalised abroad or need to be flown home on a non-commercial flight the costs can quickly stack up. Being stuck in a foreign hospital can be an unpleasant experience as standards may differ to those of UK hospitals and not all staff will speak English. Add to this the financial worries resulting from the insurance company’s refusal to pay and your dream getaway can quickly turn into a stressful nightmare.

Knowing a company’s policy for claims involving alcohol will allow you to ensure you are choosing cover that meets your needs and will provide peace of mind should you encounter any problems.

Policies vary considerably and the wording can be vague, so take time to read through all the terms and conditions, making a note of anything that isn’t clear. It is also advisable to speak with the insurance provider and clarify any concerns or questions you have. You can ask them to provide their answers in writing before you decide to purchase the policy.

Safety Tips

Enjoying a sociable drink can enhance the enjoyment of a holiday, but remember that when holidaying in warmer climes you are more susceptible to dehydration, which can heighten the effects of alcohol. Counter this by drinking lots of water –  you should match every alcoholic drink you have with one glass of water.

Use your common sense and refrain from driving, swimming or taking part in any other risky activities such as jet skiing while under the influence of alcohol.

Remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times. Look out for those loose curb stones, but also be aware that when you are drinking you are more vulnerable and a prime target for muggers and other criminals.

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Avoid alcohol before flying as your insurance company is not going to reimburse your flight costs if you are not allowed to board due to your level of consumption.

This Guest post has been created by Saul Malpass who works on behalf of SO Switch. So Switch are a comparison website which helps find the right deal for you.