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An Introduction to Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity College, Dublin, the first university to be established in Ireland, is one of the treasures the city of Dublin. It is located on College Green Square opposite the former Irish House of Parliament. The university receives many visitors annually who come to see among many other things the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript created by Celtic monks in Latin and containing the four Gospels of the Bible, displayed at the university’s library.

The university also has a very rich history having been founded by letters patent from Queen Elizabeth I in 1592 partly to consolidate the rule of the Tudor monarchy in Ireland. It still maintains some of the unique architectural structures which attract many tourists who come to marvel at the historic architecture that is part of the country’s history. The College opens its doors for anyone willing to tour the premises and offers official student-guided tours on a scheduled basis so that the academic work that still goes on there is not interfered with.

The tour majorly involve an overview of the history and architecture of the college, its famous graduates over the years as well as an introduction to the Book of Kells Exhibition and the Old Library, the largest research library in Ireland.

Other attractions that brings visitors to the college include: The Douglas Hyde Gallery, located at the College’s Nassau Street entrance, which displays Irish as well as international contemporary art; the first ever Science Gallery where today’s scientific issues are discussed in depth; The Geological Museum situated on the Department of Geology’s top floor and has collections dating back from 1777 and over 80000 specimens and The Samuel Beckett Theatre which is the Department of Drama’s college theatre.

Most notable buildings in the complex include the Examination Hall, Chapel and the famous Museum building. You can visit them all but I would recommend to go for a guided tour to do not interrupt with the academic activities in that are still carried out in those buildings.

The College also offers accommodation and catering services to the visitors through the Accommodation Office at very reasonable and affordable rates. For convenience to the visitors, they offer on line booking and reservations through the school’s website.

If you are planning to visit the Trinity College, make sure that you do so outside of the typical peak hours, otherwise you will find the college and its grounds filled with tourists. Having said that, if you are coming to Dublin in the summer, Trinity College grounds are one of the best spot to have a brown bag lunch in the city. You can sit down on one of the many green areas and have a picnic surrounded by students and tourists alike.

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