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Are Adult Movies at Hotels on Their Way Out?

Marriott has acknowledged it will begin phasing out adult content in its entertainment packages for guests. Marriott said the company will not renew existing contracts with suppliers of in-room adult videos as the contracts expire and will not allow its new hotels to offer adult videos. Is this the beginning of the end for hotel-room porn?

“As we transition to this new platform, adult content will be off the menu for virtually all of our newly built hotels,” the statement said. “Over the next few years, this will be the policy across our system.”

Yes, this business story will be a talker … Looking for an industry expert or two to discuss here whether this is indeed a trend among hotels or, for now, if this is simply a lone decision by one big chain. If you believe it is a trend, what factors are behind it – besides, of course, the Internet. If there are contributing factors, what are they? Also – admittedly this is a challenge – we looking for frequent travelers who has a strong opinion on this move by Marriott – or a strong opinion as to whether this is a good thing or bad thing for consumers and hoteliers. Leave your comments, join the discussion!