Top 10 Travel Blogs for 2011

Top 10 Travel Blogs for 2011

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

The Travel List

Everyone dreams about traveling around the world, but not everyone has the ability to pick up and find cheap flights, book a special place to stay and go where the heart wants. Hotels and flights might not be the only thing stopping someone from traveling, either. It may be just the case of life getting in the way. For those of us that want to live the experience through someone who has been there, this list of the top ten travel blogs is the best way to do that.

Michael Pugh is an ex copywriter from Chicago that decided to visit 14 countries in a year. He has a flair for words allowing the reader to not only dive into his experiences with him, but his site has videos, pictures and great descriptions uploaded to allow a person to fall into these 14 countries with him. This is the best way to travel with out ever leaving home.

Polly Letofsky set out on a 5 year 15,000 mile walk around the world. She is currently in her fourth year, and still walking. She started her walk to open the eyes to breast cancer and has been doing an amazing job. Her blog is a chronicle of her walk and all the places and people she has met. This is an original view of traveling through an exciting process.

This is a blog written by Ed Sullivan. He is traveling South America on a motorcycle, given to him by Santa Fe BMW. He has amazing pictures to lay out his adventures. His blog may not be something updated hourly, but the post and pictures are written in a humorous tone that anyone can enjoy.

This is an exciting look of traveling by 4 brit friends taking busses and trains. They have a humorous look to traveling and shed a light not many have seen to the conditions of traveling with friends.

Andy takes the road less traveled; going to places only the crazy in all of us would want to see. He updates regularly and posts amazing photos to bring his travels to life.

Rick makes sure to update his blog on all the must needed information for flying. If traveling is in your future, this is the blog to read to find that airfare information needed.

This is a great blog for all those actually ready to dive into traveling themselves. This site covers all the must know information on places to stay, how to get there, and the best places to be.

Not everyone can afford to travel, but this blog lets everyone know of the cheapest places to travel to so they can afford to get away once in a while.

Not everyone likes to fly, or should it be said no one really enjoys flying. This is a great blog to bring a light side to flights and those amazing trips on planes.

A travel blog needs photos, videos and great commentary to take the reader straight to the destination. This blog is able to do that, and so much more. This site offers tips, stories and enough visual to keep a traveler happy for days.

Update 24. Nov.2010:

Countless travel publications and websites tell you where to go, where to stay, what to do. At World Hum, the authors focus not only on destinations but on the journey, on travel in the broadest sense of the word. They explore how travel changes us, how it changes the way we see the world and how travel itself changes the world.


  1. RonLeyba says:

    Great round up list of travel blogs for 2011.

    Milan, Geocities shut down already right? So doesn’t work anymore.

    But the other sites are all good.

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Milan, I am building a new travel site to launch in early 2011 and I would be interested to know if you think it has “top 10” potential. It’s at – recommend you visit the Thailand, Bangkok and Chiang Mai pages to see where it’s headed . Please keep in mind that it’s very early days yet (only limited content), but I am trying to establish a direction and a standard for the rest of the site to achieve. Have not yet started to blog through the site (too busy building it), but expect to do so early next year. I am focusing just on the areas I know really well.


    • mmatchev says:

      @Tony, every website has “top 10″ potential, but it depends on you what you will make from it. You have a long way to go with your travel site. Don’t give up, work hard and you will succeed.

    • RonLeyba says:

      @Tony, It was a good site, I mean, simple yet captures attention. By the way, do you write there base on your travel experiences? I wish you can also visit and write about Philippines, its part of Asia!.

      • Tony says:

        @RonLeyba, I would like to write about the Philippines but as I say on the website, I just don’t think it’s a safe destination right now to encourage others to go to. My friend travelled there recently for a family wedding and had an armed guard everywhere he went.

        But yes, I do write all this from personal experience. That’s the difference I want to create with Asian Travel Tips. I do assemble information from other sources too (facts and figures), but I try to recommend the accommodation, tours and places we found to be really good in each location.


        • RonLeyba says:

          @Tony, I understand what you think and feel about our country. But, not all places here in the Philippines are like that. I hope sometime soon, you can visit our country and experience the Filipino hospitality.

  3. @mmatchev, Good to see a list like this that’s different from the usual lists put out by the big boys.