Urban Bourbon Trail Passport Program

Urban Bourbon Trail Passport Program

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Every time I hit Louisville, I have to try a bourbon. But hunting them down can be tough. That’s why I love Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail Passport Program – it was developed to link the world-class bourbon bars that already exist in the city -there’s nine establishments that have at least 50 bourbons, and some have 165! Since I promote safe things – don’t worry about driving, Mint Julep Tours takes care of that. The Passports can be picked up at any of the stops or at the city’s Visitors Center at 4th and Jefferson Streets. There’s a variety of ways the passport can be used for different tours and completing a certain number of them can reap you some gifts. Sign up for the Bourbon Brief Newsletter before Sept. 4 and you’ll get a free bourbon-flavored lip balm.

“Kentucky Bourbon is the spirit of America,” said KDA President Gregory. “When we started the countdown to 1,000 Passports in 100 days, we couldn’t have imagined a more appropriate and deserving winner than LT Hooker. His story, and his spirit, has truly inspired us.”

No visit to Kentucky can leave out a Bourbon tasting (after all you’re in the heart of Bourbon Country here!) BUT not everyone can get to the distilleries themselves. Luckily for you, there is an URBAN Bourbon trail for Louisville. Each of the locations listed on the trail offer a unique experience and wide range of Bourbons to taste.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail® originally launched the Passport program in August 2007 as part of its Kentucky Bourbon Trail brochure. But it became a stand-alone souvenir this summer when the KDA rolled out a new marketing campaign to celebrate the Kentucky Bourbon Trail’s 10th anniversary.

The 1,052 visitors who have completed the Kentucky Bourbon Trail since June 1 have come from 43 states and seven countries, said KDA President Eric Gregory. Every person who completes the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and sends their Passport to KDA receives a free commemorative T-shirt.

For a downloadable copy of the Passport, click here KentuckyBourbonTrailPassport.pdf.

For more information about Bourbon Country and the Urban Bourbon Trail visit www.JustAddBourbon.com.


  1. […] Overall, the good news of this story can be found in the Friend of Lou enewsletter, which states that Louisville’s distilleries make up 35% of the Bourbon market and bring in about $1.5 billion annually! It makes me proud to know that the Urban Bourbon Trail was just given the nod of approval by Best Travel Websites! […]

  2. […] It seems only reasonable, therefore, that we’re also home to the original Whiskey Row and, more recently, that the Urban Bourbon Trail was just given the nod of approval by Best Travel Websites. […]

  3. RonLeyba says:

    I never seen Bourbon in my entire life. I wish someday somehow I can manage to see it. I can only see it at TV and Movies as well.

  4. Natalie says:

    I never tried Bourbon however believe it to be a very distinguished taste. Kentucky is obviously doing well, with this tour and the promotions they are giving away.