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Bali Holidays for Relaxation and Adventure

Bali is a small island in the Archipelagos of Indonesia, and it is a very popular tourist destination. If you have the opportunity to visit, you will find an island paradise steeped in the Hindu traditions. If you are one of those people who love tropical weather and abundant flora and fauna, need to put this on your must see list.

The small land of Bali is known for its beautiful and pristine beaches, one of the main reasons that so many tourists flock to this island nation. You can surf and enjoy all sorts of water sports as well as white water rafting and volcano tours; there is enough to do to keep any traveler busy and happy. .

There are numerous Hindu Shrines if you want to explore the rich Hindu religion that the majority of the residents practice. If you want to explore the more traditional history of the island, the shrines are not to be missed. If you are an adventure seeker, more than nine beaches around the island are great for catching that killer wave. Some of the more popular beaches are Kuta, Nusa Dua,The Dream Land, Canggu and Medewi. You can find out much more about each of these beaches from tourist information or your hotel front desk.

Bali does have an active volcano and the name is Kintamani; you can take a tour of this force of nature. Touring an active volcano will give you an amazing story to share with family and friends upon your return home. Being up close and personal with a volcano is a memory that will last a lifetime. With the mountainous nature of the island, there are also ample opportunities for climbing and rappelling.

Bali also is home to many rivers as well, which gives rise to the abundant white water rafting opportunities during your stay. The most popular rivers are the Ayung and Telagawaja and these are the two rivers best suited for white water rafting trips.

If your idea of a vacation runs more to relaxing and lying on the beach, you will also have lots of opportunity to do those things. Grab a beach blanket and a good book and relax while working on your tan. When it gets a little too warm, wade into the surf and cool off before starting the cycle over again. Your evenings are filled with languorous dinners and exotic dance shows.

Another popular activity for visitors is the Bali Elephant Safari. It is one of the premier elephant parks in the world. At the park, it is possible to ride an elephant through the Taro Forest, pet them and hand feed them. There are a wide variety of educational shows, an information center and museum, along with a special children’s area.

If all of this activity has worn you down, you can spend some time in one of Bali’s fabulous spas, where you will be surrounded by tranquility while being pampered in the island tradition. If a truly exotic island vacation is what you’re looking for, Bali offers you that and more.

Watersports are popular in Bali, including jet skiing. Check out Jet Ski insurance to limit your risks, and then just have a great time! Image by eGuide Travel