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Best Eats in Berlin: The X Places to Eat & Drink Out

You are probably in the best city in the whole world, energizing with life, with a long history and places to see, and if you are WWII fan, you are on the right place to see what has happened and where, prepare yourself, you are in for a treat. You are surely going to walk a lot, and do that, use the public transportation or a bike (car parking is rare and expensive), and after all that walking and sightseeing, you are going to need a good meal, and what better meal than the Berliner meal.

While in Berlin, you need to try as much of the local dishes as possible. If you have friends in the city a home dinner is always a good idea. Or a customized experience with a local foodie that can take you on a culinary adventure. But if you want to discover the food scene by yourself we’ve managed to pick and propose a small list of X places you should not miss while in Berlin, and the list goes from on foot to a fine dining table, from decent to expensive!

    1. KaDeWe – on the sixth floor in the food court you will find perhaps the best Wiener Schnitzel in Berlin, and this is a serious statement taken how serious German folk consider their food! It is prepared in front of you by the chef, with all care and love possible!
    2. Burgeramt – everybody loves a good burger, and this is by far the best in Berlin, and goes with the best fries too! Plus, the place looks great, you’ll enjoy just sitting there, not to mention eating!
    3. Mustafas Gemüsedöner  – when you a see a long line of people waiting to be served, you know something good is at the end of the line. Mustafas is no exception, sliced chicken meat in a secret sauce, large pieces of fried tomato, and fresh veggies, doesn’t get any better that this. Plus, you can order vegan döner, it is just as good as the non-vegan!
    4. Anna Blume – yes, brunch, an excellent choice while walking through the tourist attractions, and because this one is in a quiet neighborhood (Prenzlauer Berg), you will be eating with locals, and enjoy the floral specialties prepared from the flowers of their own flower shop. Vegetarian and vegan food is also available!
    5. Curry 36 – when in Berlin, having a currywurst is a must! It is the city’s trade mark meal, and Curry 36 takes it to the next level. It is avalible for everyone (not expensive at all, 2.50 for currywurst), and it is the best, and enough to keep you walking all day long.
    6. RAW Flohmarket street food – any food on this fleamarket is excellent and tasty, and don’t have any prejudice, it is a street food, but it is tasty as hell! Especially the Japanese court kiosk, and try Takoyaki, a thing to remember (ask at the kiosk what Takoyaki is!).
    7. Ebert restaurant & Bar – a local restaurants with only locals, a bit far from the city center, but totally worth the journey. A classic German restaurant, with national dishes and specialties and world class service, and maybe not as inexpensive as the ones above, but worth it every cent! Feel Berliner, and try the home specialties.
    8. Kurpfalz-Weinstuben – a restaurant with a long tradition and with the best wine selection in Berlin. Make sure to make a reservation, this place is hard to get in, but once in, you’ll see exactly why. Again, it is a national restaurant serving domestic traditional dishes, but also offers other specialties from various cuisines!
    9. Café Two and Two – an adorable place to spend the morning in, a mixture of European and Pacific (France and Japan, were the two owners come from), a place where you’ll have the most delicious coffee with a nice baguette or pastry. A must when in Berlin!
    10. Daluma – ranked as the top spot to get all the healthy nutrients one’s body, serving superfood cold pressed juices and super meals packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! If you are trendy with the modern way of feeding, this is the place for you.