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Best Places To Travel Around The World From New York

Because of its size and diversity, New York is considered as an incredible city by tourists from different countries. The Big Apple is home to some of the most popular landmarks in the world, namely Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park. The best pubs, dining places, and theaters in the world are also located in New York.

However, if you have been in New York City for years, you might see yourself craving a change of scenery. The hustles and bustles of New York can be exciting, but frequent exposure to this kind of environment can result in chronic stress and even boredom.

Break the monotony and reward yourself by traveling around the world. If you’re planning to fly from New York, the following destinations are accessible from the city’s airports:

1. Hong Kong

Although not as common as other tourist destinations, Hong Kong offers attractions and activities that you can’t experience anywhere else in the world. This country offers the best tours on land, air, and water.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

When you choose to take a flight from NY to HK, you get to experience some of the world’s best theme parks, hiking trails, and Buddhist temples. Hong Kong also has the most effective and tourist-friendly transportation systems in the world.

Attractions in the air include a bird’s-eye view of Hong Kong through several high-rise buildings. Hong Kong has more than 300 buildings, and 60 of these measure more than 200 meters. For water activities, Hong Kong is a great place to experience pool parties, enjoy breathtaking lakes, and try out a wide variety of water sports, namely kayaking and surfing.

2. Bangkok

Your upcoming trip will be more memorable if you gain unique experiences from your destination. While New York is huge, this doesn’t mean that the city can provide all of your needs and wants as a traveler. You’ll be surprised at how smaller cities, such as Bangkok, can offer one-of-a-kind experiences that you might not get in The Big Apple.


For starters, visiting Bangkok allows you to marvel at the city’s historic architecture. This destination boasts of several temples, each having unique and rich histories. The Wat Arun, for example, is one of Bangkok’s most famous landmarks today. During ancient times, this temple served as a home to the Emerald Buddha.

Aside from its majestic temples, Bangkok is also a great city to experience a wild nightlife. This city houses the most popular roof bar in the world, the Lebua Sky Bar. This is a 63-floor building that offers a 360-degree view of the city.

Sipping drinks while sitting in this classy rooftop bar is one of the best and unique ways to admire Bangkok, especially during nighttime.

3. Vancouver

If your upcoming trip is short, visiting Vancouver can be an excellent option. Flying to this destination from New York will only take around six hours, and flights are available twice a day.


Aside from the convenience and accessibility, Vancouver has attractions that make it one of the best destinations in the world. For one, Vancouver holds summer festivals that are usually free. Participating in these events will allow you to enjoy fireworks displays, live bands, and several local food trucks.

But apart from the physical destinations you can visit, Vancouver also has very friendly locals that will let you experience their unique brand of hospitality. When you visit Vancouver, expect to socialize with people who are very welcoming, open, and helpful. Their presence will surely make your trip to Vancouver one for the books!

4. Beijing

Different travelers look for different things when they visit a new destination. While some travelers want to spend their entire trip taking pictures of tourists’ destinations, others want to try out the local cuisine.


“Foodies” are travelers who belong to the latter and strive to socialize with locals to gain tips about the best restaurants or cafés in the area. This is a simple trick to help you identify the places to eat in a specific destination, as some aren’t known even to tourists.

You’ll surely satisfy your taste buds when you visit Beijing. Since this is where the Peking duck originated, expect to taste the best version of the dish in this city.

But your journey in tasting culinary delights doesn’t end with Peking ducks. Beijing is also a great city to try out dumplings, hotpots, soups, and even grasshoppers. You can also order different types of nosh noodles from stores scattered around the city.

Your Preparation Counts

After picking a destination for your next trip, decide on the length of your travel, research on possible costs, and start saving money. If you’re planning to travel regularly, consider getting a travel rewards credit card or switching to no-fee ATM cards.

Accomplishing these simple tasks and taking the time to prepare can significantly affect the success of your trip!