Christmas Travel with

Christmas Travel with

Give yourself the perfect holiday gift: travel for Christmas! From travel tips to destinations, packages and deals, we have everything you need to make your holidays more memorable.

It’s October – have you booked your Christmas travel yet? If not, you should. Christmas is actually a great time to travel – a new site in our travel network, Travel for Christmas, has some pretty interesting recommendations on places to go for Christmas, including:

Check it out those options – any of them would make for quite a memorable holiday. Right behind Christmas is New Year’s Eve – are we really talking about the end of 2010 already? Unfortunately, yes, unless you’re independently wealthy, now is the time to book. My favourites:

  • New York, NY (no place like it)
  • Sydney, Australia (an amazing display plus you can wear shorts & sandals)
  • Edinburgh, Scotland (obviously for the atmosphere, not for the weather!)
  • Anywhere warm (make your friends jealous!)

To be honest, you can have a great New Year anywhere, even if you just book a hotel and visit a neighbouring town. Bring some friends, have a pillow fight, and drink some champagne.

Dreaming of a happy holiday yet?

  1. This is such a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing. Traveling at Christmas.

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