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Cool Stuff To Do in Bayswater

This is a city that always pleases those who come visit – and no matter what you’re interests are you’ll be sure to find something a little interesting to get involved in – and one of the great things about London is that it’s a really vibrant city with so much to do and so many amazing things on offer for all different interests and passions.

Check out some great things to enjoy below…

St. Sophia’s Cathedral

If you’re looking to enjoy some stunning architecture at the heart of London be sure to check out this complete extraordinary cathedral which offers both an amazing  source of history and heritage in the city plus some of the most intricate architecture you’ll find.

London Bridge

One of the most iconic attractions in London is no doubt London Bridge and if you’re visiting the city it is always worth getting the chance to eyeball this stunning attraction. There are loads of brilliant things to see around the attraction, so this is a location well worth seeing.



There are some great things to see and do in this district of London and some amazing sights to see. Plus there are some excellent hotels to visit, such as the Admiral Hotel and if you’re looking for one of the great hotels near Hyde Park London then this stunning stay might well be the perfect pick for you.


The brilliant Queens Ice and Bowls makes for a retro theme bowling alley, which offers the perfect spot for a little downtime, offering some great food and drink, and a really fun place to hang out while you’re there.