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Cruise Holidays for Couples – Pro’s & Con’s

For some, the idea of a cruise is absolute heaven whilst for others, it might be a nightmarish scenario. Whilst there are lots of fantastic destinations out there and seeing them all from the comfort of your cruise ship is extremely convenient, there are also plenty of potential issues on cruises, such as a lack of freedom to go where you want to when you want to, and hating all your fellow passengers! And when it comes to heading off into the sunset with your other half there are a whole bunch of extra things to think about. If you’re currently looking at cruise holidays for you and your better half – here are some of the potential pros and cons.

Cruise Holidays for Couples Pros

A cruise is a wonderful way to spend lots of quality time just the two of you. Whether you want to get involved in the activities on board together, or you just prefer to spend your time cosying up in your cabin, a cruise can give couples lots of one on one time, away from distractions like friends, family and work.

You will see some amazing sights and experience them together. Cruise routes today go to some of the world’s most exotic destinations, from the stunning South Pacific, to amazing Alaska with Celebrity Cruises. Watching the penguins in the Antarctic, seeing the sun set over Polynesia or drinking grappa from a cliff top in Santorini can be a fantastic bonding experience and you will create memories together that you’ll never forget.

It’s a cost effective way to fit lots in. Whether you’re planning a cruise for a honeymoon or you’re veterans of seeing the world together, a cruise is a great way for couples to get value for money. Rather than organizing individual travel for two people to upwards of five different destinations, on a cruise it’s all on the same ticket, with some stress free, plain sailing in between.

Cruise Holidays for Couples Cons

It’s just the two of you! And sometimes this may not be the best thing…. If you’re the kind of couple who need your own space, you don’t want to share the same cabin for a prolonged period of time, eat together, sightsee together and spend every waking moment together then a cruise might not be for you.

You can’t explore together – or at least only to a limited extent. A cruise ship itinerary is usually fixed and so if you fancy an extra week together in Acapulco you’re just going to have to go back another time. If one or both of you are likely to feel constrained by the inability to take detours – and if that’s something that is likely to cause arguments – then avoid a cruise.

Don’t opt for a cruise if you want to REALLY be alone. If you’re looking for seclusion you’re probably not going to find it on a ship with 3,000 other people. Remember that space on cruise ships can be rather tight and if you are not the most sociable of people, you might find it a bit stressful to always have others around. For those who want real privacy then a trip to a secluded island might be a better idea!

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