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Dining in Dubai

Dubai. A mere playground for the rich and famous? Possibly, but when I think of this place, two things come to mind: Fine cuisine and a fascinating culture. It isn’t all just sun, sand and sky risers you know…

It is worth the plane journey just to experience the luxury of Dubai restaurants. Perched on the 122nd floor or the Burj Khalifa, Atmosphere Restaurant should not be ignored on your dining list. The highest restaurant in the world offers diver scallops with ricotta dumplings, quail breasts and beautiful steaks. But if this sounds too fancy (and a tad expensive) then fear not. Head down to the new Al Hambra restaurant situated in the Al Qasar hotel. This charming, Spanish-themed diner serves traditional, Spanish cuisine such as tapas, paella and patatas bravas; it won’t hurt the wallet too much either which gives this place the thumbs up.

These Michelin starred and themed restaurants are all very well and good, but what is the real cuisine of Dubai? And where do you get a taste of its true culture? The answer is; this is extremely difficult. As Dubai is whirlpool of different cultures, the Arabic food that you do find tends to be borrowed from Lebanon or Iran.

Why not try visiting one of Dubai’s many mezzes? These Arabic inspired restaurants don’t offer your typical three-course meal but provide an abundance of appetisers throughout the night. To get to the real flavours of this spectacular city, you should head down to the Spice Souk market. Aromas of dried fruit, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves waft through the air and spices can be purchased by the bag load. Dubai’s fruit and vegetable market is located in Deira and showcases a splendid array of fresh, local produce. After all those pricey and rich steaks at Atmosphere, this is the perfect place to come and cleanse the palette.

So, whether you are big shot with money to blow or a tourist with a taste for true, Arabic flavours, then Dubai is definitely the place for you. Just don’t come here on a diet; you will just have to give into temptation…

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