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Discover the Best Foodie Cities in the World

If you’re planning a vacation in one of the biggest cities in the world this summer, food will probably be top of your list. We all like to feast while we’re on holiday and hopefully try something new and exciting. Finding a thriving, busy city gives you the best chance of some really excellent food.

Discover the Best Foodie Cities in the World
Discover the Best Foodie Cities in the World

But which cities have the most diverse food culture?

Now the legal team of Bott & Co have carried out some interesting research of their own and produced an online interactive tool that allows you to see which cities have a good mix of international cuisines.

If you’ve ever wondered how many nationalities New York caters for or what to dine on when you go out for lunch in Melbourne, this is the perfect way to find out.

Here are just some of the interesting highlights from the foodie tool:

New York

It’s no surprise that such as cosmopolitan city sits at number one on the foodie list. There are 94 different national cuisines represented and there’s plenty of choice from Cuban dishes and Bajan curries to American diner food and French delights. London is second on the list with 89 different cooking nationalities.


At number six on the list of foodie cities is Berlin which has a wide range of restaurants of all types. If South American is your thing, you can dine on Argentinian, Brazilian and Colombian fayre. Perhaps you like Asian food – in that case, you’ve got a wide mix of Chinese, Japanese and Sri Lankan as well as Korean dishes to choose from.


A more inclusive city than many people think, Dubai is a thriving hub of culinary delight and lies 8th on the list with 62 national cuisines on show. If you fancy something unusual, there’s a Russian restaurant near the waterside docks. Want something typically British? Then you’ll find the Dhow and Anchor nearby, a quintessentially English pub style restaurant.


Again, you might expect the cuisine in Japan to be more limited but you’d entirely be wrong. With 58 national cuisines to choose from across the city, there’s more than enough variety including Greek, Italian and French.


Singapore has become a big tourist and business destination over the last few decades and is one of the most modern cities in the world. You won’t be surprised to learn there’s plenty of variety in the cooking stakes either. You can get Brazilian barbecues, Lebanese fusion mixes and Portuguese fish dishes all within a short distance of each other.

Bott & Co collected information on some of the biggest cities across the globe and came up with a top 50 listing for the most diverse in culinary terms. You can view a map of each city with different coloured dots for regional types of cooking. Click on individual dots and you get a Google Map listing with more information about the restaurant including contact details.

You can view the full interactive tool here.