EpicQuest was created by a handful of athletes and elite outdoorsmen to provide unparalleled adventures around the globe. We are a team that is dedicated to opening the door to a unique world of knowl

Our team has been providing once in a lifetime experiences for over 25 years. Anchored by the merger of two iconic American heli-ski companies, Chugach Powder Guides and Sun Valley Heli Ski Guides, EpicQuest offers a broad menu of truly unique adventures and world-class service around the globe.

Uncover virgin Alaskan peaks, peeling South Pacific breaks, iconic rides in the Alps, African lakes teeming with trout, and uncharted trails in Bhutan as part of an incomparable list of dream adventures, with the most knowledgeable guides and world-class personalities by your side.

Come with us, and live an epic life…

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