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Exploring Europe’s best driving roads

The European continent offers many delights, but one that is perhaps overlooked by many is its fantastic roads that allow the most dedicated of petrolhead to enjoy days on end driving the demanding tarmac, whilst taking in the picturesque views of Europe’s various countries.

For some, the idea of blasting through the mountains and lakes is a joy to behold, not only because of the environment, but also for the fun of driving on windy, open roads and where there’re only two or three cars per mile.

You wouldn’t always need a fast motor, either, as you will probably be able to enjoy such roads and scenery in any car, but the sensation would certainly be improved if you’ve got a sporty number to drive; just make sure you’ve got a Direct Fuels card to aid you fuel costs.

The Stelvio Pass – Switzerland

This is one road which has found substantial amounts of fame in the last years thanks to appearances on popular motoring TV shows, with its winding hillside roads quite dazzling to witness in person too.

Stelvio Pass 096

Stelvio Pass is located in southern Switzerland and is bend after bend up one of the mountain sides that lead up to the namesakes’ town and is a very demanding challenge for most drivers. A hotel at the top can be utilised as a place to rest before or after you’ve tackled the road, whilst also acting as a perfect place to spectate the surrounding valley the road accommodates.

The Black Forest – Germany

Although not a location that can be seen from such a breath taking point as Stelvio, the road between the towns of Ruhestein and Oppeneau is certainly enjoyable thanks to minimal traffic and great views which can be admired more easily than the one in Stelvio as you’re not having to concentrate as much on the road.

Sunset in Weidelbach (Germany)

It is also a route which allows you to make stops and survey areas such as the Lutenbach Falls, if you take a sly short cut that is.

Nufenen Pass – Switzerland

Just north of the Italian/Swiss border is the Nufenen Pass which gradually ascends (or descends if you’re coming down it) through tight 180 degree corners to test your metal and your senses. At the peak, you are rewarded with the great sight of a vast lake where a quick stop would be advised to take in the scenery.

Europe Bike Trip 2009_253

About the author: Sam writes for Direct Fuels who offer the BP fuel card, as well as BP bunker card information on the BP bunker fuel card and BP plus bunker card.