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Exploring Soho

London is known for many things; tourism, business, exquisite landmarks and now the Olympics. Another element the English capital offers is its trendy and stylish districts, and few can match the fashionable chic of Soho.

Although not a particularly huge part of London, Soho is a vibrant hub of activity that includes a mixture of hotels, bars and restaurants, as well as a bit of entertainment at Soho Bars. If you really wanted to, you could eat, sleep, drink and have a good time all in the same few square miles.

Staying in Soho

One of the prime establishments you could find yourself staying in when in Soho is the Soho Hotel. Converted from an old car park, this boutique hotel offers much in the way of luxury and it is easy to forget that you’re currently in the middle of a busy hub of activity after you get comfortable in your glamorous room.

Although there is a contemporary edge to the whole building (and can feel like a converted loft at times), the décor does have its traditional side, with bold stripes on the walls, florals, plump sofas and oversized bedheads offering a classic touch. Public spaces include a rather groovy drawing room, a relaxed lounge bar and a restaurant with an open kitchen.

Eating and drinking in Soho

There are any number of delightful eateries in Soho that include the likes of Bi Bim Bap, Savannah Jerk and Hix, but a particular highlight is a restaurant that goes by the name of Arbutus.

Opened as part of a trilogy of restaurants by Anthony Demetre and Will Smith, Arbutus is an unfussy and popular location for eating and drinking in Soho. The establishment is set into two rooms, one with a high marble counter and stools for a more casual affair, with the second room featuring an arrangement of long and sleek tables. The modern art on the walls offer a contemporary feel, whilst the Japanese crockery gives a cultural touch to the restaurant.

The menu tends to be seasonal, but there are some staples that include cod with crisp chicken wings and pink grapefruit.

Entertainment in Soho

Soho offers a great variety of clubs for a vibrant night out, including locations such as Madame JoJos and Café de Paris. There is also Lucky Voice Soho if you want something a little different from your night out on the town.

This Soho karaoke bar is very versatile in that it can be a place to eat, drink and have a great time. Booking out a private karaoke booth allows you and your friends to sing the night away, whilst ordering food and drink from the bar which is brought directly to your room. There are always plenty of offers on – especially at the weekends – and offers a very unique night out for all.

The Ghosts of Soho

About the author: Sam writes for karaoke bars, who have sites in a range of locations including Soho, Brighton and Manchester.