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Exploring the world through your career

Working abroad is becoming common place now for many people and it is these individuals who love to get a taste of several different locations and enjoy the world through their career.

Many would love the chance to visit the hundreds of tantalising locations the world has to offer, but few can afford to do so. However, getting a job that would see you travel frequently or even settle down in one nation for a few months or sometimes years at a time.

There are so many career routes that allow people to travel the world and the most popular tend to be private banking jobs and executive finance jobs. Finance is a universally used platform and there are roles all over for people in private banking, accounting and private client jobs.

Thanks to this, you could pick and choose through a plethora of destinations if you have the correct talents and you could find yourself travelling to the likes of Switzerland, Cyprus, Mauritius or the Middle East.


Although a fast-paced working environment, cities such as the financial hubs of Geneva and Zurich offer some of the most sumptuous backdrops thanks to the various mountain ranges and wooded areas. Those who enjoy their skiing will look to take advantage of the Alps when in season.

An added bonus is that the quality of life in the Swiss cities is among the highest in Europe, although this is balanced out by a high cost of living. Look out for the numerous languages that are native to Switzerland, with French, German and Italian among the most popular.


If you fancy something a little more down-sized and tropical, then Mauritius could very much the perfect location for the laid back banker with experience in offshore banking.

Situated in the Indian Ocean, just east of the southern tip of Africa, Mauritius is part of a region of islands and has a population count fewer than 1.3 million. Mountain ranges dominate much of the country’s skyline, with stunning views from pretty much any point of the island and is coupled by beautiful sandy beaches.

Mauritius’ capital of Port Louis is currently set for redevelopment and will look to develop its economy to ensure that it will be a hive of business, making it a small haven for private bankers and accountants in the finance sector.


Another humble island, this time in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus offers an historical style location, with many ancient Greek artefacts on show within the modern areas of the country. Thanks to such a rich heritage, Cyprus has plenty on show in terms of culture, art and cuisine.

Although right now the Greek economic climate might not be best to enter into, it is still very attractive prospect to move to when such issues have been resolved, as the area is a very laid back environment which can be great for such a high pressure job such as banking.

Enjoy Life!
Enjoy Life!

There would be a required change of working etiquette in Cyprus, as emails, phone calls and other such communication is deemed impersonal and therefore all business should be conducted face-to-face.

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