Ferry to France – Most Popular Holidaying Option in France

Ferry to France – Most Popular Holidaying Option in France

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With the introduction of budget airlines and Eurostar these days, people in the UK are left with quite a few options to arrive at the French destinations. But the conventional ferry trip on the Channel has still remained a special attraction for many of these travelers. To them it is a part and parcel of their holiday trip. This article will try to figure out why the travelers prefer ferry crossings than the other options to reach France on their vacations.

Traveling with ferry to France is a much relaxing way to cross the Channel which can never be expected from an air travel or a car. The travellers can enjoy a pleasant trip with lots of enjoyment offered on board the ferry. They can refresh themselves with a drink at the bar or have meals in the restaurants, do shopping at leisure in the duty free shops or even watch movies sitting in a comfortable area. The passengers may also take this opportunity to pamper themselves in the parlour getting a beauty treatment which is not always possible in normal life due to the busy and hectic schedule. The kids too never get bored up during ferry trips as most of the modern fleets running on this route provide specialized play areas for children which keeps them engaged throughout the journey.

Benefits of ferry travel to France:

Few more advantages for which ferries enjoy an edge over the other travel options are, the passengers can drive into the ferries with their own cars and thus can enjoy driving on the roads of the continent. They are even allowed to travel with their domestic pets for which they need to get certified and book their pets under the pet schemes. With no luggage restrictions, the ferries offer its passengers enough freedom to carry unlimited luggage and so every time they get back to the UK after holidaying in France; it has become a common practice by them to load the car with lots of shopping. When the sky is clear and the weather is good, the ferry travelers can go up on the deck, enjoy great panoramic view and refresh themselves by inhaling fresh air which is simply impossible in the alternate travel modes. However, ferry travel will be more comfortable if you do not forget to carry your belongings including passport and travel insurance etc.


  1. RonLeyba says:

    Ferry boat trip is an exciting and relaxing way to travel. In this kind of transportation, there will be no more traffic jams or traffic stop lights to bother your travel.

  2. Natalie says:

    I am not a lover of Ferry trips however if you are on a driving holiday then the ferry is great. Well actually, it is the only way to get across!

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