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Foreign-language Booksellers in the UK

For those learning foreign languages in the UK, it can sometimes to be difficult to find a good selection of reading material in high-street bookshops. There are a few special places, however, and this article will give advice on where to find them.

Grant and Cutler

This specialist bookshop is the largest foreign language bookseller in the UK. Recently Grant and Cutler have merged with Foyles and their collection has pride of place on the first floor of Foyles flagship store on Charing Cross Road.

The main focus of Grant and Cutler’s business is Western European languages products. They also have an extensive range of books, DVDs, games, CDs and software on all world languages.

The European Bookshop

If you’re looking for books on the major European languages, The European Bookshop is for you. They specialise in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. They also stock a selection of other books covering a huge number of languages across Europe.

JP Books

Looking for Japanese books? Look no further than JP Books! Here you will find a big choice of books, novels, CDs and DVDs dedicated to Japanese language and culture. The store is Europe’s largest stockist of Japanese books and sits in a prime location on Regent Street, London.

Chinese Book
Chinese Book

Guanghwa Bookshop

Guanghwa Bookshop is set over two floors in London’s Chinatown. Here you will find a variety of Chinese texts, including cookery books, modern literature and classics. The shop also stocks art materials.

Specialist libraries

Another great place to find language books is in libraries. The following is a sample of foreign language materials that can be found in specialist libraries across London.

The Chinese Library is a huge public library in Charing Cross, London. It has over 50,000 Chinese books for both children and adults. There’s a team of Chinese speaking staff on hand to answer any queries you may have, and the library even puts on Chinese events.

Get your hands on the Danish Collections in the British Library. The collection dates back to the opening of the British Museum in 1759. It is particularly strong on history, literature and linguistics.

The German Historical Institute Library is another free public library in London, this time holding a massive collection of German books, journals and digital materials. The library is a fantastic resource for German history books.

The Italian Cultural Institutes Library holds over 25,000 DVDs, books and CDs in Italian. Borrow the materials online and they will be sent to you by post.

You’ll be able to use the study area to read the range of Spanish books and magazines at the Spanish Library in central London. The library also has a selection of films and you’ll have access to WiFi internet too.

The British Library
The British Library

Head for the British Library to view the impressive Thai Collection. Here you can access Thai language texts, including the Shan, Tai Lue and Tai Khoen languages. The collection includes a large set of Thai books, some of which are rare nineteenth- and twentieth-century texts.

Foreign language bookshops are particularly popular with students from all over the world, many of whom come to London to study English. At language schools like UIC London you can learn in a fun and social environment.

As you will see from this guide, there are plenty of bookshops and specialist libraries in London for you to check out whilst you study. If you’re thinking about studying an English course London is the ideal place.

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