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Galveston Island – Best Things To Do

Things to do in Galveston – The Gem of Texas

When it comes to trips and making the most of your vacation, literally all of us (or almost all) think of the commercialized destinations. Think of the top few such destinations – you’ll see that either everyone knows about them, or someone you know probably has been there.

What about Galveston? Haven’t been there? No?!? Well, that’s a shame! This amazing coastal gem has so much to offer to those that need to relax, have fun and spend an amazing time outdoors. Plus, this happens on the move! The things to do in Galveston are countless so you shouldn’t miss them out. Where to start?

I’d start with the Segway Tours in Galveston. Really informative and fun. The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, the Moody Gardens are great choice, too. Or maybe the Galveston Island State Park with gorgeous greenery? Everyone can enjoy this place, kids or elder people – there is fun for everyone.

The History of Galveston Island

The history of Galveston is incredibly rich, so embarking on the magical history tour will reveal the best of Galveston’s history in less than 3 hours.

As you move on the Segway, you’ll notice some stunning homes in Victorian style – the East End Historical District Association makes sure you see such historic monuments and objects. Next, you’ll notice is the Strand – popular because of the worldwide famous event Dickens on the Strand, a yearly festival for Christmas.

Not just this, but also the breathtaking Bishop’s Palace (Gresham Castle) in Gothic style made of stone. For something more cheerful and historic at the same time, the Grand 1894 Opera House for art and theatre, largest in all of Texas. And when you see the Moody Mansion or Willis-Moody, you’ll think it’s a cute, colorful storybook sight.

This mansion is a historic one and was made in Romanesque style, back in 1895. Now these premises are for sightseeing and for weddings and events as well. The tour wraps it up with the Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum for oil and gas and the Elissa (ship) with stunning 3 masts.

Galveston Red Light District

The things to do in Galveston are just starting to get more fun! The Rat Pack tour brings you where Sammy Davis Jr, Al Capone and Frank Sinatra used to hang out and perform too. With a Red Light District, hotels and casinos, this place was never asleep. The Pelican club and Hollywood Diner club are more than enough for that Cuban charm of alcoholic spirits, food and some pretty cool stories.

Galveston Tree Sculptures

You will surely have an experience of a lifetime with the tree carving tour too. Galveston had survived an awful hurricane back in 1900, but it was rebuilt. At first with the Galveston Seawall, then with lots of greenery and trees to give life to the place again; lush German oak trees which were destroyed again in 2008 by saltwater. Now, there are 22 amazing artistic sculptures of such trees on the island.

Galveston Ghost Tour

And everyone loves the spooky Haunted Legends Ghost tour! The things to do in Galveston are not just regular sightseeing things, there is a bit of a thrill and adrenaline rush this way too. This is especially fun for the kids and teenagers, so read on. Rolling on the Segway, you’ll pass the cemeteries and also some houses which had some strange and unexplained paranormal activities.

Stories include unresolved murders, insanity cases and mystery events causing chills all over. Strange lights, shadows and sounds, be prepared! Such stories are not made up for nothing, all of the fires, murders and disasters played their role. Everything you’ve seen in movies now it’s going to be real so be brave and fearless!

Galveston History Tour

Another tour the kids absolutely adore is the Magical History tour of Galveston Island. Who doesn’t like spooky or magical things after all? Starting with the Wall Street of the South, you can see the Railroad Museum that was used for illegal gambling. Not just that, scary stories about the 1900 storm will chill you to the bone. After the museum, there are the Victorian houses of rich people, the Moody Mansion, Sealy Mansion, Bishop Palace and the stunning white Sacred Heart Cathedral. Have the sunscreen ready for this tour because it ends with the Seawall and the surfers there.

Galveston Beautiful Sunset

The Galveston attractions have something for everyone, kids or older visitors. The Galveston activities include something for couples too. For example, the Sunset tour brings you in the lovely Silk Stocking Neighborhood along the Seawall and Pleasure Pier. Next step, the Murdoch’s Souvenir shop built in 1910. you’ll get the chance to see the Elissa ship and Bishop Palace again now before the tour ends with the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. Don’t be surprised if you hear some mellow and gentle sounds, those are the friendly dolphins greeting you here.

Experience Galveston

Couples have other things to do in Galveston besides this. The Segway Experience tour is perfect when you lack the time but want to see more of the gorgeous Galveston. You will be well-prepared by guides to take a tour in just half an hour. So, this means you’ll see the Strand streets and historic spots in 30 minutes. Amazing, right?

It’s impossible to see some bad comments about this place and the tours. Everyone that has been in Galveston was left breathless from all the sights, sceneries and fun activities. The guides are extremely friendly and talkative, and you will enjoy the Segway ride all the way as well.


History, Gothic charm, paranormal chilling stories, legendary stories about iconic figures, sunsets and monuments, you will surely want to be on these tours again. The weather will certainly be nice, the tour guides are friendly and make sure everyone is safe and entertained, the Segway is super-fun, so why miss out on a great and fun tour?

Galveston has so many fun things to offer, for those willing to explore. In a nutshell, the best thing to do in Galveston is actually just to choose all tours and BE in Galveston. You won’t regret visiting this amazing couple-friendly and family-friendly place.