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Get on the Next Flight After Yours Is Delayed or Canceled With These Tips

Getting ready to go on vacation is exciting, but all your excitement can quickly be dashed at the airport. Not only is making your way to the actual plane a huge hassle, it isn’t all that uncommon for flights to be delayed, or even canceled.

At the very least, this shortens your vacation and lengthens the time you spend in the airport. At the very worst, you miss connecting flights that can leave you stranded for hours or days at a time.

Don’t get left behind when your flight is delayed or canceled. Get on the next flight as quickly and comfortably as possible with these tips.

Get Reimbursed

There isn’t anything you can do about a delayed or canceled flight, but it may make you feel a little better if you’re reimbursed for your trouble.

The airline may offer you a voucher, but know that in most cases, you’re entitled to cash. Unfortunately, it usually means you have to ask for it, but you don’t even have to do that if you get Service.

For example, on an Alaska air cancellation, Get Service automatically keeps track of the status of your flight and will contact the airline on your behalf. You’ll get reimbursed for a delayed or canceled flight without actually having to speak to the airline on the phone.

Know Your Rights

Most airlines aren’t known for their outstanding customer service. However, that’s usually because the people they’re dealing with don’t understand their rights, which means they get taken advantage of.

If you understand your rights, you’ll get a lot more out of the airline rep. A few of your rights include:

  • Refunds: Regardless of the cause of the cancellation, you have the right to the full refund of your ticket. This includes connecting flights. They will even pay for you to return to your original airport at no charge.

  • Delay assistance: If the delay is within the airline’s control, you have the right to meal vouchers and hotel accommodations, depending on the length of the delay.

  • Next available seat: You’re entitled to the next available seat, but rules vary between airlines. Ask if you can transfer to another line. You should also ask if the next available seat can be in a different class, or if it must be in the same class.

Be Flexible

It pays to be flexible. If you have to downgrade to a lower class, be willing to take it knowing that you’ll be refunded the difference in your ticket price.

If the airline offers transfers to other airlines, or to a different airport, consider it. It might mean you make it to your destination earlier than you would otherwise be able to.

A delay or cancellation is always bad news, but you can soften the blow so your entire vacation isn’t ruined. With these tips, not only will you save money and time, you’ll also save enough of your sanity to enjoy whatever portion of your vacation you have left.