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Getting to Know the Glittering World of West End London

If you have been to London and even if you have not, there are few names quite popular in this capital city which most of the people have, come, across. For example, there are few marketplaces in London like Portobello, Borough and others that are one of a kind and most people have heard about it. At the same time, there are also certain locations in London famous for being tourist attractions spots.

Similarly, when it comes to theatre or any shows to upheld London’s art and cultural scene, it is undoubtedly West End of London, that is holding this legacy and given theatre and art its recognition and name worldwide. However, there are also other things for, which West End is popular for other than its theatre scene.

Some Information to Know

West End is the area that is surrounding Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Also Piccadilly Circus. At the same time, the largest concentration of theatres is in the Shaftesbury Avenue, the Strand and also Haymarket. These areas in London are always packed with commuters and traffic and are considered as one of the brightly lit places in the city.

Amongst them, Shaftesbury Avenue is the moist liveliest part and crowded too. Here, you are bound to feel the pressure of everyday working life and people might sway you away clipping on your ankles. Moreover, if you visit this place in a weekday, apart from experiencing back coats you will also see a flood of umbrellas overflowing in the crowd. There is hard to get any space in this area as you will have to face the pedestrians and on road, there are an innumerable number of buses, bikes, tooters, and scooters as well.

When you will, look into the buses from outside, the common sight is to spot Londoners going for their everyday work and looking out of the misty window glasses. It is quite easy to differentiate between tourists and the locals. The tourist will be busy to wipe off the mist from the bus window to take a clear view of Piccadilly Circus. On the other hand, the locals will simply settle themselves on the seats and just wait for their stop to come.

The night scene is completely different as there is scent of different aromas lingers in the cold night air. While you can separate the cigarette smoke from the other scent from the air, the aromas of booze and food seem to mix in the cold night refusing to whiff off, and as the night darkens, this smell settles down becoming one with the night.

There are numerous ways to spend night in this part of the city, with theatres, shows and several pubs and clubs to hand out and have a drink or two. Apart from the hotels in and around the place, Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London is also within few minute away by Underground Tube. The accommodation in Paddington London is considered as one of the finest, and there are also many attractions within walking distance from the hotels.

Brightly Lit Part of the City

Once you are in Piccadilly Circus, you are bound to notice the neon lights which shine as brightly as the sun. The place becomes even more bustling with all the noises and is enough to get you in the groove and blend with the surrounding. Shaftesbury Avenue is an exciting place with bright lights of gold and warm yellows all around, and the prices of the foods are all decorated in red cheery coloured lights and letters for you to notice.

Some more places worth noticing in this area are Brewer Street, Gerrard Street and also Rupert Street as well. The streets with theatres have more lights, and the others have more of character.


The Midnight Scene

Before midnight hours, you will see the streets quite crowded with locals and tourist eager to visit the place and know more about it. The tourists will visit many pubs and clubs at one time to make most of the place while the locals will simply hang around their usual place. However, as midnights starts to approach, this place turn out to be something different, and you will notice the crowd thinning out slowly and all you will be left with are bolted stage doors, previous days’ newspaper lying on the street and darkened Pubs.

Things to Do in West End

You have already understood, West End stays active up until midnight, and there are lots to do at this time. If you want to spend the daytime wandering the streets of West End, then, there is something better for you to do. This place has huge concentration of galleries and museums. To start with, there are National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery, London Transport Museum and Royal Academy of Arts, all located in this, place.


Transport Museum is a unique place where you will learn to link transcendence of transportation system with the growth of modern London, its society and culture since 17th century. The iconic red buses of London are star of this museum, and the world’s first Underground steam train dating back to 1890s along with its carriage and padded cell is still preserved here.

Shopping Scene of London

Want to visit the posh and stylish London? West End is the place to be. Some of the finest shopping destination of London is located here like Oxford Street famous for its designer and flagship stores. Besides, Bond Street and Regent Street are also located within this area where your shopping options get an extension with many things to consider.


International renowned brands like Ralph Lauren, Hamleys and Selfridges, are also in West End. Half of the exciting things in London are all located in West End.

Last but, not the least, West End is still popular for its heritage of nestling around 40 theatres of the city and is providing some high-quality theatre shows in the world apart from Broadway in New York.