Giftioni is an experience gift company specializing in delivering unique gifts of the highest standard and quality, ultimately building stronger relationships. Founded in 2011, it was our belief that a gift should be more than a traditional material gift, but one that shows you took the time to select something they will remember forever.

Gifitoni is an experience gift company specializing in providing unique gifts to people nationwide.


Giftioni was created on the premise of helping people to live out their dreams, and live life to the fullest. People often get stuck in daily routines, making every day nearly identical, resulting in life passing them by. When you look back at your life, the times you will remember are the days you lived out of the ordinary. GIftioni gives you the chance to give someone just that: the chance to live out of the ordinary, to live out a dream, to live life to the fullest.


Whether you are buying your boyfriend gifts or girlfriend gifts we make sure to provide an unforgettable experience for the recipient.


Our Experiences Include:


Flying Experiences:


– Hot Air Balloon Rides


– Flight Lessons


– Biplane Rides


– Helicopter Tours


– Hang Gliding


– Paragliding


– Skydiving


Food & Wine Experiences:


– Cooking Classes


– Culinary Tours


– Dinner Cruises


– Winemaking Classes


Driving Experiences:


– Exotic Car Rentals


– Formula 1 Racing


– Drive An Excavator


– Exotic Car Racing


Water and Snow Experiences:


– Kayaking Lessons


– Sailing Trips


– Windsurfing Lessons


– Shark Diving


Mastery Experiences:


– Golf Lessons


– Fencing Lessons


– Vocal Coach


– Become A Comedy Star


Prestige Experiences:


– Celebrity For A Day


– Custom Suit and Tie


– Personal Shopper


– Drive A Maybach


Spa and Beauty Experiences:


– Mobile Massage


– Spa Packages


– Personal Makeover


– Boudoir Photoshoot


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