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Grand Canyon Tours Help Create Life Long Memories

Are you thinking of a nice vacation for you and your family? Why not head out to Grand Canyon National Park? This 18-mile wide, 1-mile deep natural landmark is guaranteed to give you and your family memories that will last a lifetime.

Do you love animals? Grand Canyon National Park is full of wildlife. The sky that is full of birds will be difficult to miss. Catch a Peregrine Falcon on the hunt, or the California Condor scavenging for his next meal, to the Pinyon Jay flying in large groups that will surely catch your attention. You may even set your eyes on the majestic Bald Eagle hovering high over the canyon. You can also catch some ground-bound animals including the Big Horn Sheep and Mountain Lion, from a distance of course. For those who like scaly creatures the canyon is home to the Gila Monster and the Chuckwalla. Quite a few animals to mark off your animal sighting bucket list are just waiting for you at Grand Canyon National Park.


Grand CanyonDrenaline / Foter

A great way to experience the wildlife of the area, is by embarking on one of the many Grand Canyon Tours. These offer limitless options and perspectives on how to see the Canyon. You are able to view it from the air, by helicopter and airplane both. Or, if you prefer to be on land,bus tours are also available. For those who want to get the real experience of the Grand Canyon you are able to take a rafting tour down parts of the 277 miles of the Colorado River that run right through the canyon. Grand Canyon tours will meet any comfort level of guests to the canyon.

For history buffs, there are many historical sites at the Grand Canyon National Park that are sure to peak your interest. If you’re interested in the natural history of the canyon you can check out many parts of the Colorado River and the wear and tear it has put on the canyon over six million years. If you have an interest in learning about other cultures the Navajo Nation’s largest reservation lies just outside the easternmost border of the park. Drop by for a visit and hear some stories and experience the customs of their people. Check out some of the railways and lodging originally built for the miners, who were unsuccessful, that once put their hard work into the canyon’s area. The history of the canyon is sure to tickle your fancy.

The Grand Canyon National Park is home to several hotels and lodges that will suit any budget. From the lodges with breathtaking views of the canyon to motels with the bare essentials. If budget is not something that you are overly concerned about be sure to check-in to one of the several lodges that provide postcard views just outside your window. These lodges are an excellent romantic getaway for you and your significant other. There are also kid-friendly hotels that you may be more accustomed to. RV parks are also available for those of you who travel the open road. Regardless of what you are looking for as far as accommodations, there are several areas around the park that are accessible, so why not make the canyon your destination?