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Great Day Trips in the city Haifa

Haifa is a highly underestimated travel destination in Israel, which is not fair given the fact that we are talking about the third largest city in the country. The city is located right between the Carmel Mountain and the Mediterranean Sea, making it perfect for those that love sightseeing. All the panoramas are stunning and you have so many activities that you can enjoy. We will only mention some of the great options that you can take into account.

Carmel Park

This is Israel’s largest national park. It is filled with wonderful landscapes, archeological remnants, animals, wild plants, holy sites and much more. The main reason why you want to visit is that the views are perfect. You can so easily enjoy picnics, barbecues, go on walking trails and a lot more. Tree lovers will appreciate the varieties present and in the cliffs you can see white lilies and hyraxes. They are definitely rare and you cannot see them in many other places.

Where to Stay In Haifa

What better place to stay at if you want a memorable vacation than the very first exclusive hotel that appeared in Haifa? We are talking about Dan Carmel hotel in Haifa. The Dan Carmel hotel is one of the best hotels in Haifa, belong to Dan Hotels Chain in Israel. It is perfectly located close to the center of the city, offers great suites and refurbished rooms always filled with luxury. It is enough to say that the views are perfect, the TV sets are 42 inch LEDs and many extras are included. You will have a really great time at prices that are quite unexpected based on the luxury that is offered.


Credit: Dan Hotels: Dan Carmel Haifa Hotel

Baha’l Gardens

One visit here is all that is needed to want to come back. The gardens are truly iconic and will offer some pretty great views in a city that is already picturesque. If there is just one place that you could visit, this is definitely the one that has to be at the top of the list. The terraces are definitely interesting and you may want to know that you can see 450 different plant species. Most of these are local and drought resistant. It is quite hard to see them in a location that does not have the current landscape opportunities available locally.

Hula Valley Bird Watching

Bird lovers from all around the world will want to visit Lake Hula. In the past, the natural lake was found in a valley that was quite trafficked. If you really want to enjoy everything that the valley here has to offer, you will want to arrange a visit during autumn. Alternatively, spring is a great option. In both of these seasons there are migrating birds that stay here. The vegetation is really rich in the water and the water helps. Visiting is possible through cycling and you want to be sure you have your camera with you. It is a certainty you will take many pictures.
On the whole, a day trip in Haifa can be much more interesting than you imagined. It is an option that does need to be taken into account if you want to visit this part of Israel.