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Hassel Free Airport Parking in Melbourne

All those gurus who suggest that you “live in the now” obviously have never tried to get a carpark at Melbourne airport. It’s a great airport, but like any popular international facility trying to find space to leave you car can see people driving around and around, and around. Or worse, double parked behind someone who looks like they might, just maybe, be about to drive off.

One of the reasons that parking at Melbourne airport, or indeed any international airport, becomes difficult, is that for some reason everyone wants to park right outside the departure gates, or as near to them as they can get. Part of the rationale is quite simply convenience – no one wants to have to navigate crossing busy roads while carefully balancing all their luggage. Even more so if they have children to worry about.

Price, Location, Convenience, Security – Do You Need To Pick Just Two?

Despite the apparent shortage, there are actually a range of different options for Tullamarine airport parking. The different options do range quite a lot in price, but you will usually find that where they are located a little further away from the terminals, you should be able to catch a regular shuttle, which for most people is a great way to get the right balance between price and convenience.

Tried and Tested Tips for Hassle-Free Airport Parking
Tried and Tested Tips for Hassle-Free Airport Parking

There are several different companies that are able to provide very short-term parking, which allows just enough time to pick up someone and wait for their baggage or drop someone off with a farewell hug. Or you can look at slightly longer “short term” parking options that will allow you to relax with a coffee or a glass of wine. You may not think of Melbourne airport as the place to be, but like everything else in Melbourne, the airport and surrounding areas are designed to be enjoyed.

For long term parking there are different options, but all offer full security. Cameras are installed in entrances and exits, and if you check with the parking company you will often find that not only are there security cameras throughout the building, but that they are monitored and may include security patrols.

Whether you are parking for a day or a month, you will find valet parking options also make life a delightful treat. But simply having a parking building that is able to offer baggage trolleys at covenant locations can make all the difference to a traveller.

Enjoy hassle-free airport parking
Enjoy hassle-free airport parking

Parking For Luxury Cars or Oversized Vehicles

If you drive a great little Nissan Swift, you will adore parking, absolutely anywhere. If you are driving the Land Rover Defender, you might be used to having to squeeze in and out of ludicrously small carparks. Thankfully, not all carpark buildings are created equal, and if you look around you will be able to find companies that actually have created a range of carpark sizes. From their point of view having all the smaller cars park in one area and the larger vehicles park in another means that they aren’t actually losing out on any carpark revenue.

However, from your point of view, it means that you are going to be in a park that is comfortable for your vehicle and reduces the risks of dings and scratches from people opening their car doors too vigorously.

Disabled, Movement Difficulties Or Children

If you have any form of disability that means you are unable to easily move yourself or your luggage over anything beyond a short distance, the last thing you want is to encounter a carpark that only has access via stairs, has no assistance with luggage or makes you park a long way from where you need to be. Thankfully Melbourne airport does have buildings with parking spaces that are dedicated to those with limited mobility or other disabilities. These are not able to be used by anyone who is not authorized to do so, so you can be assured of a space.

Start your holiday hassle free
Start your holiday hassle free

If you are travelling with someone who has mobility concerns but does not have the mobility permit issued by the State of Victoria, you may be able to call a parking company and explain the situation. Although you will probably not be able to use a dedicated mobility space, they will likely be able to reserve a space for you in a similar location, or perhaps come up with another clever solution such as ring-a-ride.

If you are travelling with young children, you will likely have encountered the situation where they expected to use an adult seatbelt or sit on your lap as there were no suitable child restraints available. Most parents do not want to be in the position where they have to make the decision between having their child travel in a potentially unsafe situation or walking with child and luggage for a long distance – particularly when there is actually a plan to catch.

For this reason it is a good idea when you are looking at your parking options to be excited when they offer a free shuttle, but to also just check that their shuttles either come with child restraints or have anchor points that you can use for your own car seats. Bear in mind that if the shuttle does provide child restraints they are unlikely to be the full five-point harness that you likely use in your personal vehicle, but anything that meets Australian child safety standard, and increases your child’s safety while traveling if a good step forward.

Getting Lost

There aren’t many people who haven’t lost their car in a carpark at least once in their life, and when you’re racing to catch a flight the last thing you are likely to remember is where you parked your car in your nice secure car parking building. What you need is a building that makes it really easy to remember what floor you parked on, or at least what colour the walls were. From there it becomes much easier to track down your vehicle. If you’re lucky, helpful staff will also be able to ask a few clever questions to help you identify where you are likely to be.