Hotel in Seminyak Kuta | Sense Hotel Seminyak Bali

Hotel in Seminyak Kuta | Sense Hotel Seminyak Bali

Luxury Bali Hotel in Seminyak which offers comfort accommodation and strategic location near seminyak beach, restaurants and attraction.

A Pivot Point to Cloud Nine

Sense Hotel is an idyllic retreat conveniently located in the tourist oasis and prestigious locality of Seminyak, Kuta. This luxury Bali hotel comes with a tropical stylish haven catering the discerning choice of young travelers and professionals. More than just an exquisite sojourn, the Sense Hotel is not only a hotel near beach but also a perfect Xanadu to celebrate life and revitalize the soul. So, if you’re looking for a hotel in Seminyak near beach but offering tranquility and coziness, think no further. Pick out Sense Hotel only.

As the name implies, Sense Hotel in Seminyak will bring in ultimate experiences to every single guest as has been perfectly devised to harmonize the human senses with the surrounding environment through a comfortable stay. Modern design architecture shored up by eco-friendly concept pondering the ventilation, energysaving and the ever changing climate has turned out luxurious premises. In essence, it leads to efficiency in maintenance and operation without forfeiting the quality and convenience of this Bali hotel.

Our gracious staff and excellent services extended result in a homey atmosphere that every guest looks for. In turn, this Seminyak hotel makes our mission happen, namely creating unforgettable memories that will stay in the heart of our guests long after they leave our elegant properties. Thus, it is worth becoming your preferred hotel in Bali. 

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