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How Much do the Scandinavians travel?

Do you like traveling? Do you enjoy exotic and exclusive destinations? If your answer is yes please have a look at our infografic and get familiar with the way the Scandinavians like to travel. Here you will find information on the distances that get covered by the travelers per year and also you will discover some interesting and exclusive destinations.

If you have always wondered what it is like to get to Jupiter, Mars or Saturn, now you can see different traveling options that only require your patience. For example, if you are thinking of where you want your honey moon to be, why not take a look at the cruise to wonderful Mars? All you need is 156 years off work and you will be on the way to one of the most exotic destinations in space. However, if you like to be your own boss, you can travel by car to Saturn.

This will need you to have 1050 spare years. Book your exclusive holiday now and you will see how the Scandinavians spend their time off work.

Scandinavians travel
Scandinavians travel

Simon Jackson have been traveling around the world, exploring different countries and cultures. One of his hobbies is his travel blog – Channel Voyager.  He currently works as a cheap flight (interesting to know is that the Swedish term is billiga flygresor) consultant for Expedia Sweden.