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How To Enjoy Twenty-four-hours In Mykonos

If all you had was one full day on The Island of The Winds, what would be the best way to spend it? Visiting the Mykonos Windmills? Eating up all the Louza you can find? Lazing about on the beauty Ornos beach?


You will need to fuel up with a hearty breakfast before embarking on this twenty-four hour adventure. Get up and experience an authentic breakfast buffet of Greek delicacies served at your beachfront escape.

Tip: take advantage of the hotel’s concierge services to book reservations at restaurants or clubs before heading out for the day. Hotels like Adorno Beach Hotels and Suites offer this service, check them out here!

You also have the option of starting the morning of your Mykonos adventure at Aroma Bar (cafe), a classy but comfortable restaurant that serves up fresh coffees and cappuccinos as well as delicious dishes from breakfast to dinner. It is also an ideal spot to get drinks and socialize, as it is quite popular among locals and tourists.

You might want to relax at Aroma after breakfast, but remember you only have twenty-four hours. So, take a short walk to Mykonos Folklore Museum, to view historical artifacts such as lithographies of the 1821 Greek War of Independence, antique furniture and embroidered and hand-woven fabrics. What better way to spend twenty-four hours, than to go back in time?

Afternoon into Evening

It is time to explore the Chora (main town) which offers a series of white cubed houses with painted doors, giving you the Insta-worthy backdrop of your dreams. Mykonos is largely a tourist town and the effort the locals put into making it a beautiful experience is to be commended. As you walk, do not miss the stores on Matogianni Street! You can let your inner shopaholic loose, as the choicest souvenir shops and a few international brands are located here.

Walk on through town to visit the legendary Windmills of Mykonos. Let your wanderings take you to Niko’s Taverna Square, a busy spot that accommodates the most beautiful of the 365 picturesque churches and the restaurant the square is named after. You can take a break there and have a light lunch.

Go on to have dinner at any of the restaurants in Little Venice – a picturesque, romantic area, just like the city it was named for. Wait for the magical sunset experience – totally worth it!


After dinner, get ready to dance the night away at the world famous Cavo Paradiso, by hopping on a bus that goes from Fabrika to Paradise beach. Home to the most intense summer event lineup and not a stranger to famous DJs, this club is the best place to dance into a magical Mykonos sunrise before making your way back to your hotel.

You are exhausted, but every second exploring the beauty of Mykonos was absolutely worth it. The beautiful pictures are there to prove it as you crawl into bed! Wake up to another day of spa treatments and massages, as you experience Greek hospitality at its finest to complete your 24 hour experience!