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How to Find the Best Maui Vacation Home Rentals for Your Holiday

You’ve earned your vacation leave at work, and you want to use some of it to have a great holiday. So you’ve bought yourself a flight to the island of Maui, Hawaii as you’ve always wanted to spend your holiday somewhere with a year-round tropical climate. But whether because you’ve had a terrible experience with a hotel before or you simply want to try something offbeat, you’re now considering booking a vacation home rental in Maui for your Hawaiian holiday. But how exactly do you find the best vacation home rentals that Maui has to offer?

  1. Plan your vacation around seasons when there aren’t as many tourists visiting Maui.

Ever wondered why some people find it difficult to book a Maui vacation home rental that they eventually end up canceling their holiday plans instead? That’s because they haven’t anticipated there are certain months in Maui where tourist influx is at an all-time high with fewer chances to successfully book a vacation home rental there.

Maui’s peak tourist seasons fall in winter and summer. Thus, you should book your stay in a Maui vacation home rental on dates that would fall roughly during either spring or fall. That way, you won’t have to deal with high booking fees.

  1. Figure out what you want and will need during your entire stay in Maui.

How you’ll enjoy your entire stay in Maui largely depends on what you want and will need for the vacation home rental there that you’ll book. If you want to wake up to a calming and picturesque view of sand and splashing ocean waves each morning, you’ll want to make a reservation for any Maui oceanfront vacation rentals that suit your fancy.

If your children, older relatives, or pets are going with you to Maui, you should book a vacation home rental that can cater to any of their needs.

You should, therefore, get the contact details of the owner of the Maui rental and ask them about whether pets are allowed and how many people are allowed to stay in the rental. This will help you decide if the one you’re looking at booking is actually right for you.

  1. Read as many reviews as you can about each home rentals on your shortlist.

With so many vacation home rentals Maui has to offer, it can become overwhelming for you to choose one that suits you even if you’ve already whittled your options down to a select few.

It would be helpful for you to go through each of the reviews and feedback past guests gave when deciding which one is the perfect one for you and your needs.


More than two million local and foreign tourists have visited the island of Maui in Hawaii as of 2016 according to the U.S. state’s Tourism Authority which speaks volumes about its popularity as a go-to holiday destination. With several reasons to visit Maui, there’s no excuse for you not to spend your vacation there.

However, staying in a hotel might not be the right choice for you. This is why planning to book a vacation home rental during your stay in Maui might be the next best option. The above-listed tips on how to find the best Maui vacation home rentals for your holiday should make it easier for you to land one that can make you enjoy your Hawaiian adventure.